Puddle Parades

I am that mother. The one who lets her children play in the dirt, get wet in the water, dig holes, make a mess, act a little crazy, have a little fun.

I think sometimes it annoys people. But I could honestly care less.

. . . . . .

Matthew was the puddle warrior.

 The instigator.

His puddle parade name- Instigating Puddle Warrior.

Hear him roar?

 See Matthew’s sad little cousins sitting on the sidelines?

All they wanted to do was play in that water.

Their momma’s said no.

Auntie Crystal called their momma’s Kate Gosselin. Really, they just want to have fun!

 I may have made the momma’s mad, but the kids sure were happy.

Let them explore.

Dirty legs and clothes come clean.

They do.

I promise.

Besides, why would you deny them this kind of fun…

… or these kinds of memories.


… for the taking.

 When was the last time your kids had a puddle parade?


  1. says

    I was that momma too! I let my kids have fun and now they are three serious college students still cracking us up! We also have a high school runner. Our baby!
    Kids love being kids and I think it is sinful not to let them be! My kids never were in danger. We were always close by. Your photos make me smile! I love them! You are a good momma! Don’t forget that, ever! Anne

  2. Lisa says

    I live in the city, so that water is absolutely disgusting with the runoff from other people’s yards by me, so my kids aren’t allowed to play in puddles here.

  3. says

    I am that kind of mother too! I always remember this saying, “We’ll eat a pound of dirt before we die” when I decide if my daughter should do something messy. Love the photos!!

    • says

      How awesome Andrea! Sometimes we just have to go down to the basics. I have seen puddles bring my children more joy than an expensive toy does. And to me, that is a blessing.

  4. says

    I am that mother, too! My kids can play in the puddles in the pasture filled with cow patties. They will come clean! I am also not one to freak out when people bring their sick kids around… I figure it is good for my boys’ immune systems. :-)

    PLAY! HAVE FUN! That is what being a kid is about. Go mom!

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