Remote Start 101

My brother and sister-in-law have a Chevy Tahoe and it has Remote Start.

Yeah, it’s cool. They can start the car from here or there before they get in… impressive, but is it necessary?

I mean after all, what if someone got in the car and drove off in it while it was in the driveway warming up or cooling off. What if they forgot the car was running and it sat there for hours?

Until a local North Texas Chevy dealer gave me a Malibu to drive for a month I did not understand the realistic element this feature brings to anyone’s life. But mostly to a mom’s life!

Watch this video… it breaks it all down for ya.

The Malibu was totally made with us in mind.


You know.


Crystal & Co Remote Start 101 from Crystal VanTassel on Vimeo.


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    Ask about the transmission range. Some inexpensive car starters look like a good deal until you find out you need to be close to your car in order to use them. Buy a product with a good warranty. The module in your car should have a lifetime guarantee, and the remote should have a warranty of at least one year. Check into getting a remote start system that protects against grinding, trying to start an engine that is already running.

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