The Day My Site Went Down and I Just About Went Into Cardiac Arrest

Wonder what happened and where went for the last 47 hours?

Oh my word. Stress I tell you.

Two weeks ago you may have noticed errors occurring while you were on my site. As time went on, the errors occurred more and more and at one point I could not get to my dashboard. Bad plugins will do this to you. Yuck!

Friday night my site went down while it was being worked on.

After47 hours of being down, almost going into cardiac arrest, a stress induced fever blister that reaches from your bottom lip half way down your chin, some tears and the most gut wrenching oh my word is my site gone forever thoughts, we are now back up and running.

Let me tell you, when your site goes down you are certain it is never coming back.

When 24 hours passes you KNOW your site is never coming back. You contact every guru you know.

Approaching the 48 hour mark, you start to wonder if you are still a blogger. (Yes, I am dramatic)

Did I mention I dusted every book in my house, the shelves, textured some walls, did some laundry, helped make a headboard for my bedroom and ate ice cream until I popped all to ease my mind. (I did take pictures of the headboard step by step hoping I still had a site to post it to.)

Hello world wide web. Shall we never part for two days again! I did my very best to keep you guys updated on Twitter and Facebook. I am so glad you are still here!

Here is a peek of the headboard we are still in the mist of making.   That is my sister-in-law putting some of the finishing touches on it.

Tutorial to follow very soon.

diy headboard


  1. Gail Gardner says

    I am so glad you site is back up, Crystal. We can all help make up for the lost traffic by doing some extra sharing and pinning for you. i do hope your readers know where you pinterest boards are. [HINT: look for the P in a circle just above Crystal’s smiling face on the left side of her blog to find them.]

    I was just teaching someone how to use the little icons at the bottom of your posts to tweet, stumble, pin, like and Google Plus (G+). I guess I need to write a post about that because many people don’t know what those or for or how to use them.

    • says

      Margo- all is well now and things are running smooth.
      Glad you guys are all still here. I know it was only down for 2 days, but that is like an eternity on the world wide web.

  2. Kim Idell says

    Welcome back Crystal! I showed Skylar your post on Valentine soap. She got some blocks of glycerine soap and was looking for a fun, easy craft to do with it. :)

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