Weekly Meal Plan 100

I have been meal planning for 100 weeks. Oh my! The majority of my meal plans feature crockpot recipes. If you ‘re needing meal planning inspiration, you should rummage through my posts.


Here is what I am serving my family this week…

Pepperoni Roll Ups– found this recipe on Pinterest and it looks so easy. And, I already have everything on hand. I will serve fresh fruit and a salad.

Crockpot Chicken and Wild Rice– I am on the hunt for a chicken and rice crockpot recipe that allows me to dump it in the crockpot (rice and all) and it come out cooked 100%. So far every recipe I’ve tried gets all of the rice done, except the rice in the middle of the crockpot. I am wondering if it is because I am using a 6 qt instead of a 4 qt. I am so frustrated because I know there is a solution… I just have not found it yet. This week I am going to try this recipe from Southern Plate. It looks good, but it requires cooking the rice separately, which makes me sad because that defeats my purpose. But it does look tasty!

Pork Chops and Apple Butter in the Crockpot– I purchased some apple butter last week at the apple orchard. I reached out to my Facebook readers and asked for some recipe ideas. This sounds yummy. Served with a steamed veggie and dinner rolls.

Crockpot Spaghetti and Meatballs-this is such an easy recipe. Served with toast and fruit.

Salmon with Lime Butter in the Crockpot  my family loves salmon. Served with steamed rice and a dinner salad.

Leftover Buffet– use ’em up!


If you have a recipe you want to share with me I would love to give it a try. Easy and crockpotable are ideal.

What is on your menu this week? Need more inspiration? Hop over to Org Junkie where hundreds of bloggers share their plans and recipes.


  1. Kim Idell says

    Congrats on 100 weeks of meal planning! The pepperoni rollups sound and look delish. We are going to try them. :)

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