8 Back to School Tips for Busy Families

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Back to school can mean lots of changes. Changes will likely be made to your child’s daily schedule, including sleeping and eating. Help them ease back into all the changes with these back to school tips!

While we homeschool now, our two older kids have been in public school. My oldest has been in public school since Kindergarten and my step-son was in public school until halfway through 5th grade.

I have been in the back to school trenches. I know the stress and hustle and bustle that back to school brings. I know the restraints it puts on your pocket book.

And even with homeschooling, there is still a back to school process for those who do not homechool year round and for those moving on to a new grade.

back to school tips

Back to School Tips

1) Ease back into the school time sleep schedule gradually. Start about 2 weeks before school starts and begin waking the kids up earlier each morning and putting them to bed earlier each night. By the end of the two weeks they should be ready to get up for the first day of school.

2) Get your school year calendar ready! Find a calendar that you can use just for school related items. Write out any days off during the school year and any other big days that you know of in advance. Maybe picture day? Include any after school activities. Make sure the older kids know where to go to find out all the important school info each day. In this same area, keep other calendars together, like school lunch menu calendar or sport practice schedules.

3) Be sure to get all of your school shopping done as early as possible. You don’t want to be standing in those long lines the night before school starts because you forgot a one inch binder. Create a list and start checking it off. Buy a little each week as your budget allows. Check your school to see if they have a grade-appropriate school supplies list available. These are generally on their websites. (If you homeschool get your curriculum ordered early. We have already ordered our 6th graders new curriculum.)

4) Right before back to school is a good time to schedule physicals and eye exams for your children. Be sure to schedule them early to make sure they have to time to see them before school starts.

5) One great way to get ahead in the Back to School planning process is to think ahead to school lunches and/or after school snacks. Create a list of ones you think your kids might like. Shop for at least a week or two if possible so you are ready to go and won’t be running out to buy items for lunch or snacks that busy first week of school.

6) Get ready for the after school homework sessions with a homework station. Whether it is a cabinet that houses all of the school supplies they will need to complete their homework assignments, or a tote that you pull out when they are ready to get to work, have it all in one place to make the homework time a little smoother.

7) Before they start coming home, create a system for all of the school papers that will start coming home in folders and backpacks. Designate a spot and show the kids where it is so they will use it.

8) Don’t forget the fun! Create a fun tradition that you can do every year on the night before school starts or on the first day of school. Let the kids pick what they want for dinner the night before, or for breakfast that morning. Or have a fun way to take their first day of school pictures.

What is your best back to school tip?


  1. Great list, Crystal!
    As a homeschool mom, I don’t have to get backpacks ready or pack school lunches, but touching bases with everyone in the evening, so we all know what’s on the schedule or what to expect for the next day really helps our days flow more smoothly.
    And I’m a big menu planner – for all my meals. That is a HUGE stress reliever!
    Love the back to school season, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

    1. I agree 100% with you on the meal planning!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for sharing your back to school tips. This post reminds me that I need to get busy preparing for the school year. ;o)

  3. My best tip is to try to get them excited for school. My two are starting for the first time, and so far, they seem to be looking forward to it. Thanks for these great tips. Found you via Sun Scholars this morning. I would love to invite you to share this at my Season’s Best {Back-to-School} Link-Up this month. Best wishes for a great start to the school year! Thanks!

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