Back to School Activities: Painted Pencil Boxes

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The summer is coming to an end and its time to start thinking about back to school.  I remember when I was in school it was so much fun to personalize my back to school supplies.

I would doodle my name on my notebooks, my binders and even on my backpack.

Today I’m going to share a fun way to customize a pencil box with paint that will make any kid excited for back to school time.  We love  fun back to school activities that mom can get in on too.

back to school activities

Back to School Activities: Painted Pencil Boxes

These painted pencil boxes were easy to make and my kids had a blast getting messy.


  • Paint of your choice
  • Tape (I used washi tape but you can use painters or masking tape)
  • Paint Marker
  • Clear nail polish

back to school activities


I put a piece of washi tape across the top of the box to cover it from any paint.

I knew that was where I was going to add the kids name after the paint dried.

After I added the tape, I put some paint on a paper plate and let the kids cover their boxes however they wanted.

back to school activities

It was cute to watch them smear paint so excitedly all over their boxes.

My daughter even made sure to get the inside of hers.  Once the kids were done I drizzled some paint on top of their design.

I thought it would give the pencil boxes a cute paint splattered affect.

back to school activities


I let the pencil boxes dry over night and then removed the washi tape from the center.  When I was pulling the tape some of the paint started to peel too.  I added a coat of clear nail polish to the area where the tape had been to keep it from peeling any more.

Finally, I used the paint marker to add the kids names on top and we were done.

How easy was that?

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 Kelley is the mastermind in charge of her family.   She loves to spend time crafting, cooking and making her kids laugh. She believes she was destined to be a comedian but has put her stand up dreams on hold to raise her two kids. She blogs about her family at and often entertains her readers with her wise cracks.


  1. So cool for back to school!

  2. Neat idea and take on the pencil box. I think I might try this one this year for my children!

  3. Awesome Idea… It’s creative, I will must try with my kids

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