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I’ve not shared a Better Living Network update in a while. This is a group of us bloggers who really enjoy sharing each other’s sites with our readers. Great stuff going on this week.

Brandy over at Savin’ Some has a great tutorial up right now about recycling soda bottles into planters. This is a great way to start a mini garden, get the kids involved and teach them the patience and hard work of growing your own food. Love this idea!

Kay Lynn over at Bucksome Boomer is our finance guru! I really enjoyed a recent post she shared about estate planning. She talks about inventorying your assets, making decisions and deciding on a will or a living trust. Great information!

Tiffany over at Eat at Home has nailed down all the information you could possibly need to get yourself going with freezer cooking. Plan ahead and freeze meals and meats that will help you get dinner on the table during the busy work and school week. Great weekend project. 🙂

Jennifer over at Coupon Mommie is a deal sharing gal! This week she shared the deals you will find at CVS, Food Lion, Kroger and Walgreens. She also hooks her readers up with awesome free samples and great special coupon offers. She takes all of the leg work out of it for you and just gives you the goods to make saving money easier!

Nikki over at Coupon Cookin’ shares great deals you’ll find at places like Whole Foods and Lowes Foods as well as delicious recipes that are great for your family. Her roasted talapia looks delish!

Going organic? The Greenbacks Gal is an awesome resource for you! Andrea not only shares organic and natural deals you will find at stores like Whole Foods, Albertsons, Safeway, Target, etc., but she also does a great job sharing natural things for you and your family like how to fight a cold.


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  1. A lot of helpful links, thank you

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