Birthday Ideas: Easy Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes

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Sometimes as kids get older, their idea of a birthday party changes.

Maybe they want less of the attention on them.

Traditional birthday parties with cutesy cake and party favor bags are not something they’re interested in.

For our older boys we have kind of let them lead with birthday party celebration ideas. A couple of years ago we did a limo ride with their friends and took them all to see a movie. We’ve done dinner with family and friends. That seems to be a favorite.

I am going to share with you how you can celebrate an older childs birthday with some fun birthday ideas. (And making these easy homemade Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes is a great place to start.)

birthday party ideas

Right now is what I call birthday season at our house.

Everyone but me is turning a year older all in a 3 month span.

I love birthday season. I love making cupcakes, goodie bags and singing happy birthday.

I have also grown to love felt birthday banners. I love this one that was made for me by an awesome Etsy shop. We are keeping it up through April.

This banner makes me want one for Spring, one for Summer, one for Fall, you get the idea.

happy birthday banner

As I shared with you earlier in the week, Anthony turned 12 on Monday.

Sunday afternoon we took him and a friend roller skating as a family.

Then we went to our favorite local pizza buffet.

Jalapeno pepperoni pizza, anyone?

double daves pizza grapevine

We ate  THE Strawberry Refrigerator Cake after pizza.

We sang.

birthday cake

Then the awesome Double Dave’s Pizza guys made Anthony his very own pizza dessert to take home. How awesome is that?

Then we went home and waited for Monday… the day he officially turns a year older.

double daves pizza DFW

He has counted down for this.

He made a “wish list” on Amazon of the perfect modified xBox 360 controller, new headset and external hard-drive.What,  you’ve never heard of a modified xBox controller? You’re not alone. We learn something new every day.

This kid knew what he wanted.

We ate dinner in and then sang again and made these very easy and delicious Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes. You would have thought it was everyone’s birthday with all of the excitement!

Just make your favorite brownie mix. We love this one. I bake it in an 8×8 square Pyrex.

Once cool, cut it into small 1 inch squares and place one in each ice cream mug.

brownie birthday dessert

Top the brownie with one heaping scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

ice cream brownies

Top with whipped topping.

For this my kids love the spray kind. It just makes for the best sundaes.

add whipped cream

Top with a cherry and then hide the jar or Nicky will eat them all!

add cherries

And then we added these Happy Birthday to You pix.

I found these at Target.

brownie ice cream birthday

And everyone can enjoy!

brownie ice cream sundae

Easy, delicious and special.

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  1. I love the little brownie sundaes! My daughter is 8, and she has decided she doesn’t like birthday cake. So I need ideas like this!

  2. gosh!!! never heard of modified xBox 360 controller…. Kids of older age now really knows their stuff…. My niece’s birthday will be this 26th of April, we’ll try your Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes 🙂

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