Blogger Appreciation Day

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Thank you to all of the blogs out there that sent traffic my way during the month of April! It is all part of the blogosphere networking that goes on as we post our comments and link up on each blog.

I am getting right at 3,000 views per month on my site right now…. things are really growing around here at Crystal & Co.

Here’s my Blogger Appreciation List. These blogs sent the most traffic to my site during the month of April:

1)  Org Junkie sent me 221 visitors. This is the site I link my weekly meal plans to.

2)  5 Minutes for Mom sent me 47 visitors. They had their annual ‘blog party link up’ this month so I am sure those visits to my blog came from that blogging event.

3)  Dining with Debbie sent me 46 visitors. She does a weekly crockpot recipe link up that I participate in.

4)  Eat at Home Cooks sent me 30 visitors. I can not get enough of her easy yummy recipes! I am always finding great stuff over there and leaving comments about her recipes that make my life better.

5)  We are That Family sent me 28 visitors. She hosts a weekly tip links up where bloggers share the things that ‘work for them’. I post my tips there from time to time. (I only participated once in April… so imagine the traffic had I posted a tip every week!)

Where did the rest of my traffic come from?

326 of my visits arrive directly on my site. This means they are regular visitors who actually know my the Crystal & Co url.

68 of my visits were sent over from Facebook. Love my Facebook readers!

53 of my visits came from a Yahoo email. How cool is that? Someone is sharing my stuff with their own network of friends via email. I have no idea who they are, but thank you!

27 visitors came over from Twitter. This shocks me. Facebook has out ranked Twitter every month. Many bloggers rave about how much traffic they get from Twitter… so far that is just not the case for me.

Readers are spending an average of 3 minutes and 31 seconds on my blog when they stop by.

My Homemade Gourmet Review was my top post for the month receiving 215 direct clicks to the actual link.  This does not include views that took place when it was on my Home Page and viewed as the post readers reached by entering my Crystal & Co url. This is direct clicks to the link only.

This is an overall analytical review of where my traffic is coming from according to Google Analytics.

Fellow bloggers- where is your traffic coming from? Share it over at 3 Boys and a Dog!

Readers- what are other blogs you follow? Do you have a favorite site you visit every day?


  1. Wow that's very exciting!! What a lot of people and I'm sure some great new friends!! I love the blogging community!! Hope you are having a great day 🙂

  2. My guess is that the yahoo hit are people reading via a feedburner email feed… not to burst your bubble about people forwarding to friends, but to make you see that people are actually clicking from your feeds. 🙂

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