Bridal Shower Ideas on a Budget (Part 2)

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Did you miss Bridal Shower Ideas on a Budget Part 1? No worries, you can read that post here.

Below are a few more fun ideas for your shower without breaking the bank.

Decorate with flowers (ideally from your garden or someone’s garden that you know). Fill vases on the table and you can even put a few flowers in a shallow dish with water and let them float.

Use some of those flowers to spruce up the shower cake as well.

Use leftover paper from the shower invitations that you made and stamp small squares with something cute and lovey. You can find neat stamps at most craft stores in their dollar bins.
Fill treat bags with chocolate kiss candies to represent love.
Punch a hole in the paper and attached to the kiss candy bag with ribbon and you have a lovely treat for all of your guests.

If you make sandwiches at your shower, use a cookie cutter to cutesy them up a bit. For a bridal shower you could use a heart cookie cutter. For a baby shower you could use a duck or symbol that corresponds with the theme.

Do you have inexpensive shower ideas you would like to share? What are some things that you do to keep from breaking the bank?

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