Change is Coming… A Sneaky Peek

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At some point this weekend, you are going to log onto my site (because you check in every day, right?) and you are going to see a brand new look!

For real, my friend. For real. (Thanks for all the emails and Facebook messages from friends saying… hello, when is the new look coming?)

I am ubber excited to share this with you guys. The new site is: Clean, Simple, Crisp and Sleek. I really think you’re gonna like it.

This site is evolving. It is more than just a blog where I share my crazy life, which I will always share. But, as a mom, I am constantly searching for solutions. Looking for resources. Mommy’s need and want that. After all, don’t we call our girlfriends when we want to bounce ideas off of each other, need advice, or just need to know we are not the only ones feeling this way or that way?

I know many readers, including myself, are very attached to the current design of my site. Believe me, it is hard for me to let go of it. The current layout is such a glimpse into my life. The crazy, chaotic, lost feeling that surrounds me a lot.

But, let’s continue to evolve as I continue to find my voice here.

Ready for a little sneaky peek of what is to come?

Now, you know I can not share the header with you…. ’cause that is for the big reveal day. But here is a quick glimpse of what you’ll find, easily laid out, on the new launch. It also gives you an idea of the design work that you’re gonna love!

Are you ready?
Me, too!


  1. Missy@Wonder, Friend says:

    Love what I see so far. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  2. Tiffany @ Eat at Home says:

    I am so excited to see it all put together! Are you moving to self-hosted wordpress too? Also, big thumbs up for the Rada Cutlery sponsor!!

  3. Thanks Missy. I am super exctied.

    Tiffamy, yes ma'am- WordPress and self hosted. I'm putting my big girl pants on. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! Beautiful, clean, organized – Your blog is fantastic, just like you!

    1. Tiffany, you are so kind. Thanks for all the encouragement.

  5. Jennifer Morgan says:

    Love the new design!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I LOVE it too… just wanna look at it all day long.

      Thanks for reading!

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