Christmas Crafts: Hand and Foot Print Homemade Gifts

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Are you on a budget this holiday season? Homemade gifts are a great way to be thrifty and thoughtful all at the same time.

Today my friend Kelley from The Grant Life is sharing some awesome ideas. Make sure you also check out all of the Christmas crafts here on my site.

I love giving homemade gifts to my friends and family, especially when its something the kids made. Hand and foot print art is easy to make, inexpensive and oh so cute! Here are some of my favorite hand and foot prints that would be perfect for gift giving.


homemade gifts

Santa Hand Print :: Southern Fried Gal

homemade gifts

Rudolph Hand Print :: Spoonful

christmas crafts

Polar Bear Hand Print :: Fun Hand Print Art

christmas crafts

Baby Jesus Manger Foot Print :: The Yummy Factory

homemade gifts

Wise Men Hand Print Art :: Simply Cindy Blog

christmas crafts

Foot Print Snowman :: Fun Hand Print Art

homemade gifts

Foot Print Penguin :: Crafty Crafted

homemade gifts

Foot Print Christmas Tree :: In Between Laundry

homemade gifts

Hand Print Christmas Tree :: UCreate with Kids



Now the hard part is deciding what print to do first!

Kelley is the mastermind in charge of her family.   She loves to spend time crafting, cooking and making her kids laugh. She believes she was destined to be a comedian but has put her stand up dreams on hold to raise her two kids. She blogs about her family at and often entertains her readers with her wise cracks.


    1. You are more than welcome!
      Kelley from The Grant Life picked her favorite project to share in this post.
      She picked some great ones, didn’t she?

  1. Just had to take a moment and let you know I think these are the best art projects ever. Absolutely a beautiful idea capturing the child’s size, age and date along with the spirit of the holiday. Thanks for sharing. I only wish I had seen this before my daughters grew up!

    1. Kathleen- I love them too. I am a sentimental person, and I love that it captures a frame of their childhood. Sweetness.

  2. I’ve been wanting to do one of these print pictures with my boys, so thank you for compiling a list of ideas in one spot!

    1. Christine- I plan on doing one of these with my littlest boys too. I love the snowman and reindeer prints.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have never seen baby Jesus foot print before! So cute.

  4. Lori Who Needs A Cape? says:

    Very cute, love those little feet!

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  6. Just a few weeks ago, I made the Christmas tree canvas using the hand prints. I wanted to create this craft with my nieces and nephew (10 y/o, 8 y/o, 7 y/o) and made it for my brother to give to him at Christmas. One afternoon, I had my nieces and nephew come over and they SO enjoyed the excitement of making something for their Dad! I had told them that we were going to do a craft, but they did not know what exactly. Once I showed them the photo of the hand print Christmas tree—they were thrilled!

    After we finished the craft, my niece had the great idea to add “ornaments” to the tree to add some color. They ended up using their thumb prints to add some colorful ornaments. I helped with the star on top and they also made the trunk of the tree together by just painting it on with brushes. It looks great with the pops of color on it!

    I cannot wait to gift it to him in the next 1-2 weeks. He will love it for sure! I hope he puts it on his mantel! 🙂

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