45 Totally Boy Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas is quickly approaching and I know some of you are struggling with gift ideas. Boys can be both easy and hard to shop for depending on age. Each year seems somewhat challenging for me to choose things my boys will each love and be interested in.

We have boys of all ages so interests are different each year. With twins they both like a lot of the same thing but who wants to just buy two of everything? That takes the fun and surprise out of it all! So I have assembled a list of 45 Christmas gifts for boys to help you conquer your list! Check them out!

Christmas gift ideas for little boys

Christmas Gifts for Little Boys

1. Playing doctor is super easy and super fun with a Fisher Price Medical Kit.

2. With a Classic Etch A Sketch your kids drawings can come to life and it can be taken anywhere.

3. This Cootie Game allows kids to mix and match their own silly characters.

4. This Alphabet and Numbers Foam Puzzle Mat includes all the numbers and letters in fun colors to assemble across any floor.

5. Wit this LeapFrog Scribble and Write your little one can learn just how to write letters.

6. Many rescue missions and interactive play can be made with this Mickey’s Silly Siren Fire Truck.

7. A Crayola Play and Fold Art Studio is a great central zone for art and creativity for ages 3 and up.

8. With a Lego Juniors Construction Set your little one can assemble their own easy to build construction zone.

9. This Gas N’ Go Mower is awesome interactive play with lights and sounds of a real lawnmower.

10. Your little boy will lvoe playing with this Grow to Pro Tee Ball Set that grows with them and lots of baseball fun.

11. This Melissa & Doug Reuseable Sticker Pad can be used more than one time and great for creating some cool animal habitats.

12. With a Nerf Mini Sport Pack your little boy can play sports that are just their size.

13. Check out this Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set where the kids can pretend play.

14. Melissa & Doug Wooden Alphabet Puzzle Cards are a great way for your child to learn the letters of the alphabet.

15. This Crayola Creativity Play Station is a great tool and toy for the younger ones with compartments for all their art supplies.

Christmas gifts for boys

Christmas Gifts for Middle Age Boys 

1. Check out this Original Stomp Rocket that includes everything your little scientists will need for propelling his very own rocket!

2. They can use this Crazy Action Contraptions to build 16 unique different projects.

3. This Minecraft Papercraft is a cool way for your boys to build and craft their own Minecraft world outside of the game.

4. Get this Minions Mini Movie Set of Figurines is a perfect interactive toy for your younger boys.

5. Pie Face is a hilarious pie throwing game and a huge hit for the younger boy crowd.

6. Hulk does flips, spins, and wheelies with this Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash.

7. All of the products are safe and non-toxic in this super cool Crayola Art Case.

8. This Star Wars Blade Builders has its own lights and sounds with all of the necessary assembly parts.

9. With this Moose Toys Wild Pets Spider Habitat your child can control their own spider with a touch sensor.

10. Your kids will have tons of goofy and silly fun with this Hedbandz Game of guessing.

11. These Spider Man Headphones are perfect for the younger boy crowd and include a volume limiter to protect hearing.

12. Zoomer Chomplingz come in several dino options and include interactive games and sounds.

13. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Boombox can play your kids favorite CDs and has a radio feature.

14. Kids can create their own animations with this Crayola Color Alive Animation Studio.

15. This Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch includes games, challenges, and even fun activities.

Christmas Gifts Teen Boys will Love

Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys

1. Spikeball is an awesome gift for the older crowd and is somewhat of a cross between volleyball and slammo and super fun!

2. For those kids that love music and games combined Guitar Hero Live is a a great way to play some tunes in competition.

3. Videos and pictures can easily be recorded along with easy touch stunts with this Sky Viper Streaming Drone.

4. This Scrabble Twist Game is a fun way for the older kids to build vocabulary and word comprehension and a wonderful addition to any family fun night!

5. What teen boy wouldn’t love listening to his favorite tunes with these Skullcandy Skullcrushers Headphones that fit over the ear?

6. Maximize those brain skills in the game of Cranium that requires intense thinking, acting, and even sometimes humming.

7. Get a Spalding Basketball for your teen to get outdoors and enjoy some hands on activity.

8. This Kindle Fire Tablet is perfect for reading and gaming and includes 8GB of memory.

9. Jenga Quake adds a shaky version to the traditional game and fun for the older kid crowd.

10. This Nightball Football is so cool for older boys an it lights up in awesome colors for play after dark!

11. If you have an older boy that is into to illusions and crafts this Klutz Book of Impossible Objects is amazing.

12. The teens love this Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet that includes a liquid like display for writing and drawing.

13. This Xbox Live Gold Membership is good for a whole year of gaming online.

14. Check our this cool Alarm and Phone Dock perfect for iPod or iPhone users.

15. Skills and accuracy along with challenge are made with a Magnetic Dart Board.

What are you gearing up to buy for the boys on your list? Share your gift ideas!


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I am an all boy mom, so I am loving this list. I am done with my shopping for this Christmas, but will tuck a few of these ideas away.

  2. This is a great list. I don’t have any boys to shop for but there are a lot of options here.

  3. The Minecraft stuff is what my kiddo is into right now. That gift would be perfect!

  4. I like your choices! It’s always a challenge figuring out what kind of toys would be great for my nephews. These are great ideas.

  5. Now that is a nice big list to choose from. I see several things my grand sons would love. Such as the Gas N’ Go Mower.

  6. I have many nephew and boy cousins that would love these gifts. I would surely take note of these.

  7. We got our kids some arts supplies because they do enjoy drawing so much. These are great gift ideas.

  8. These are some fab finds, from kids of any gender really. So cool.

  9. These are wonderful ideas. I like giving gifts that sparks the kids’ creativity. My two nephews will enjoy most of this stuff.

  10. Since I have a girl, I find shopping for boys to be the hardest. I am always stuck on what to get my nephes but I love these ideas. The Etch a Sketch sounds like a good one!

  11. I love the letter puzzle idea! My kids all love making puzzles and it seems like a toy they would enjoy.

  12. michele d says:

    My son is 9 years old and is extremely hard to buy for this year. This list is very helpful. Thank you!

  13. This is a great list of gifts. Both of my children were girls so I’ve never had to shop for a boy. Now that I have a grandson, I’ll be learning all about boy things soon.

  14. These are all great gift ideas for little boys. Sometimes I find it hard to shop for boys since I only have a girl! So, this guide is perfect.

  15. These look like great Christmas gifts for boys! I never know what to get for my nephews and so I may use some of these ideas!!

  16. This is a great list, thank you so much for sharing with us! My nephew will love all these as his Christmas present, I can see him really like the original Stomp Rocket, this will be a great gift for the little scientist like and allow him to have his very own rocket 🙂


  17. That drone! My tween son would flip if he’d get that drone for Christmas. I would enjoy playing with that drone myself. 🙂

    1. We have a drone and ALL of our boys love it. They are defiantly a popular gift idea this year!

  18. This is so helpful. I had no idea what to buy for my nephew or son. It’s overwhelming when you visit a toy store and have no idea where to start.

  19. THese are some great toys! I shop for girls mainly but will keep these in mind!

  20. CourtneyLynne says:

    These are some fantastic gift ideas!!! I have a little girl and some of these would Eve work for her 😉

  21. These are great gift ideas, I have two girls, so these would be very nice to look into for some ideas! Thanks!

  22. Most of my grandchildren are girls and I also have two girls so gift ideas for boys is something I don’t think about. But thanks for sharing!

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