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As I’ve shared here before, I am the oldest of five children. Each of us have children of our own, and clusters of our kiddos are the same age. Their relationships are so sweet, even if we do not get to see each other as much between family get togethers.

This is the cluster that is Matthew’s age. They played in puddles at the park today, against some parents’ wishes. It was stinkin’ adorable.

From left to right:

Kennedy is my sister’s middle child. She is turning 3 soon and wore make-up to the park today. My sister is the baby of our family.

Gracie is my oldest brother’s middle child. Gracie is also turning 3 in a few weeks and fits perfectly into the middle child, mother-hen, role.

Wyatt is next. He is Gracie’s baby brother. He is two weeks younger than Matthew, which means he just turned 2. My SIL is very fertile.

Mason is my youngest brother’s son and is turning 3 soon. He is currently the baby of their family, but in a few weeks he will become a middle child when his mommy welcomes their third son.

And Matthew is our baby. I think he was the ring leader of the puddle parade. They had so much fun!


  1. What an amazingly sweet photo!

  2. This is too cute. It must be so fun and chaotic when you all get together. I am the 2nd oldest of 30 first cousins. I love big families.

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