Do You Burn Cookies When You Bake

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When you bake cookies, do you always burn them?

Maybe the first batch comes out great, but then each batch after that burns before the nine minute cook-time is up?

Here is a tip.

Let your cookie sheet cool in between each batch.

Simple, right?

Think about it. If you place a new batch of cookies on the already hot cookie sheet and toss it back in the oven, the bottoms of the cookies are cooking faster because they are getting a head start. This can result in over done cookies.

Makes sense, right?


  1. I’m also a big fan of baking cookies using parchment paper. I’m not sure if that helps retard burning but it’s a huge help for me. 🙂

  2. Tina @ Babycakes Blog says:

    Thanks for the tip, I have always wondered if you should let the sheets cool between batches. I usually have two sheets going, but only bake one at a time so the other cools in between. I too am a huge fan of parchment paper!

  3. Hi Crystal,
    That is just too simple!! But it does make perfect sense. I usually double or triple the recipe for most cookies so that I can pass them out, so I rotate two half sheets. That has saved me from that problem. But now I know what to tell my daughter, she thinks her oven needs to be checked for temperature control.

    1. Amazing how simple and practical, right?
      Do share with your daughter! 🙂
      Thanks for reading.

  4. The baking stones from Pampered chef are absolutely amazing too. They make awesome cookies. I don’t think I could live without mine.
    *Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday : )

  5. That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I need to get some parchment paper too. I tried wax paper and they stuck to it.

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