Easy Recipes: Homemade Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce #DipDipHooray (Perfect for a Family Game Night)

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I have often wondered how hard it would be to make my own sweet and sour sauce.

The possibilities are endless. You can use it as a dipping sauce, a base for Chinese take-out at home, or just a healthier alternative to the store-bought  product. By making it yourself you can ensure there is no high-fructose corn syrup or MSG being used.

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I headed off to Walmart to gather the items needed to make the sauce as well as chicken nuggets and fries that will go perfect with our sauce and our family game night.

While I was there I grabbed what I need to make some spooky brownies for a festive Halloween treat. That fun recipe coming up.



  • 3 tsp cornstarch (divided- you will use 1 tsp in the beginning and then add the remaining 2 at the end)
  • 1/3 c distilled white vinegar (or you can use rice vinegar)
  • 2 t vegetable oil
  • 2/3 c pineapple juice
  • 2 T ketchup (I used organic to avoid high-fructose corn syrup)
  • 3 T brown sugar
  • salt to taste

I am going to use this homemade dipping sauce for my chicken nuggets and curly fries.

Place your fries and nuggets on a cookie sheet. I cover my cookie sheet in parchment paper to make cleanup easier.

Pop this in a 400 degree oven for about 13-17 minutes.


While your nuggets and fries are going, begin your sauce.

Use a small sauce pan over low-medium heat and combine 1 tsp of the cornstarch and vinegar.

Use a whisk to combine well.

Add in the pineapple juice.

Continue to whisk.


Add in the ketchup.

Whisk well.


Add in the oil, brown sugar and a pinch of salt to taste.

Continue to whisk.


Once this is well combine, add in the remaining two teaspoons of cornstarch one teaspoon at a time.

Whisk, whisk, whisk.

The sauce will thicken.

Remove from heat.

This will make one cup of sauce. This is perfect to hang on to in the fridge to use as a base for other recipes.

If you are using it as a dipping sauce for your nuggets like we were, pour it up into dip-able small bowls.


This was not only delicious on the nuggets, but really good on the zesty curly fries.

Such a great flavor combo!

easy recipes

Break out the family games and let the fun begin.

We love Boggle. Can you tell? It is pretty banged up.

Matthew (3) has tried many times to figure out a way to remove those die.

What is your family’s favorite game to play together?


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Want to see our entire shopping trip? Check out my Google+ story.

This recipe was inspired by and adapted from a version I found here.

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  1. Katherine G says:

    This looks so delicious!!!

    1. Thanks, Katherine. It was yummy!

      I think I am going to use the leftovers as a marinade for frilled salmon.

  2. Chloe Louise says:

    Can I use pineapple pie filling for this recipe?

    1. Hum, it is worth a try. You likely will not need as much cornstarch in that last step.

      Let me know how it turns out.

      1. Chloe Louise says:

        Great! Thanks so much.

  3. Emily Woodhouse says:

    An excellent, traditional sweet and sour sauce. It is great served with meatballs, with tempura, or even over rice!

  4. Michelle J says:

    Thank you for this recipe. I have MSG sensitivity and get migraines so this really helps. Thank you again.

  5. Looks delicious – I shall be trying this for when my grown up son comes to visit, I bet he’d love it

  6. A homemade version is so much nicer. Thanks for sharing this on foodie friday.

  7. Hi Crystal,
    This is a great Sweet and sour Dipping Sauce. Perfect for game day. Hope you have a great week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  8. Looks like you guys had a fabulous night and that dipping sauce looks so yummy! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  9. Guess who is being featured at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop this week??? I’m not telling:)

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