The Most Amazing and Easy to Build Lego Ideas

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Do your kids love building with Legos? There are endless possibilities for building projects. My boys spend hours upon hours building some of the most articulate projects and using such great imaginative skills!

Want to give your kids new building projects? Check out these easy to build Lego ideas that every child will love! While you’re here, make sure you check out all of our activities for kids.

easy to build lego ideas

Easy to Build Lego Ideas

1. Lego Ducks Spring Lego Building Ideas For Kids– Little Bins For Little Hands

2. Two Ways to Build a Lego Catapult Frugal Fun For Boys

3. Lego Leprechaun Trap Brain Power Boy

4. Hex Bugs Lego Habitat– Little Bins For Little Hands

5. How to Build a Lego Table Kids Activities Blog

6. Leprechaun Trap Little Bins For Little Hands

7. Lego Candy Dispenser Frugal Fun For Boys

8. Bridge Building Frugal Fun For Boys

9. Building with Lego Candy Kids Activities Blog

10. Easter Lego Designs Brain Power Boy

11. Lego Ornament A Mom With A Lesson Plan

12. Train Table to Lego Table– I Can Teach My Child

13. Lego Zip Line Little Bins For Little Hands

14. Rocket Powered Lego Car Frugal Fun For Boys

15. Building Reading Skills with Legos Picklebums

16. Word Family Lego Buildings I Can Teach My Child

17. Rubber Band Powered Lego Car Frugal Fun For Boys

18. Lego Rainbow Build Little Bins For Little Hands

19. Lego Instruction Book Kids Activities Blog

20. Build a Lego Hat A Mom With a Lesson Plan

21. Build and Design a Candy Lego Playground Planet Smarty Pants

22. Lego Science: An Ice Excavation Experiment Lemon Lime Adventures

23. Lego Inspired Retelling of The Very Hungry Caterpillar The Educator’s Spin On It

24. Lego Race Track Frugal Fun For Boys


build with legos


Which of these are your kids favorites? Aren’t you so excited to share all of these with your Lego loving friends?

luke lego costume

More Lego Ideas:


  1. Oh how I love Legos. My son in law built a Lego table for my granddaughter that is just the right height for her to kneel on the floor or sit there to play with it. Totally cool!

    Pinned this 🙂

  2. Jann Olson says:

    Our middle son asked for Legos every Christmas and had quite a collection. His sons love them now! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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