Easy Ways to Jazz Up Boxed Cake Mix

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Using a boxed cake mix, it’s simple to whip up a tasty treat in almost no time at all. It only takes a few extra minutes to jazz up the flavor, by implementing one or more of the following tips.

Keep reading, to learn five easy ways to jazz up boxed cake mix.

how to jazz up boxed cake mix

Easy Ways to Jazz Up Boxed Cake Mix:

Substitute Milk

One of the easiest ways to get a richer, denser cake from a mix is to use whole milk instead of water. If you don’t have enough milk to replace all of the water, add the milk you do have and fill the rest of the required measuring cup with water.

These Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins call for milk instead of water and they are so delicious.

Increase the Egg Count

Most cake mixes call for two eggs as part of the basic recipe. However, to produce a cake with closer to bakery-like texture, use three or four eggs instead. Another option is to use the original number of required eggs plus two large egg yolks.

This Zucchini Bread Recipe calls for 3 large eggs.  By the way, most kids will have no clue there are veggies in it!

Incorporate Instant Pudding Mix

Instant pudding may very well become your secret weapon, when it comes to making a boxed cake better. Not only does it add moisture to the finished product, it also adds a second flavor.

For example, try chocolate cake mix with butterscotch pudding or vanilla cake mix with lemon pudding. The possibilities are almost endless!


easy ways to jazz up box cake mix

Use Real Butter

If you don’t use real butter on an everyday basis, at least consider it for baking purposes. Honestly, it probably goes on sale more often than you think and it improves the cake's flavor and texture tremendously. Simply replace the typically required cooking oil with an equal amount of melted butter. Easy-peasy!

Using real butter in these already creamy Cosmopolitan Cupcakes will make these son good they are almost sinful!

Mix in Fruit and/or Nuts

Probably the most noticeable method used to jazz up a boxed cake mix is to add special toppings or mix-ins as ingredients. Chopped nuts or fruit pieces represent two healthy ways to take your cake mix to the next level, without much effort at all. Ingredients including chocolate chips and sprinkles serve the same purpose.

You are going to love this Strawberry Refrigerator Cake that starts with a box of cake mix.  Promise!

5 easy ways to jazz up boxed cake mix

More Jazzed Up Boxed Cake Recipes:

These are just a few easy ways to jazz up a store-bought cake mix. The next time you’re craving something sweet, why not give it a try? I can almost guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

How to make box cake mix better

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5 Ways to Make Cake Mix Better

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  1. I just learned so much! I am so grateful for this post and saving it in Pinterest. I was about to make a cake this week I will try the milk and extra eggs trick! Thanks!

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