Elf on the Shelf and Preschool Christmas Programs

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Before Thanksgiving I was grocery shopping at Target and there they were.

About 30 Elf on the Shelf kits.


An abundance.

I decided it was safe to wait until after Thanksgiving to make my purchase.

Big mistake.


After traveling all over town and sending out Facebook smoke signals a few days ago, I was directed to Hallmark.

Score. Our adventure begins.

You read the book and name your Elf. Dolphin was the agreed name. This is the name that last week Nicky (5) dreamed of some day naming a baby sister. A baby sister that he hopes God puts in my belly. The alternative baby sister name was Carlos.

I digress.

Now, the rules of the Elf book indicate that you name him and then you place him on a shelf (or a shelf of sorts) in your home. Each night after you go to bed the Elf flies back to the North Pole to inform Santa of your behavior. Then he comes back to your home before you awake and you will find him in a new place.

Here is the kicker. You can not touch him or he loses his magic.

Dang it. I have always told my children magic is not real. Well, here goes my attempt at being mom of the year.

Quickly the questions begin. Mostly from Nicky.

Magic? He really flies Momma? How does he get out of the house?

How can you make it to the North Pole and back so fast?

He knows Santa? Really?

Why is his hair fake and his eyes are fake?

I responded as any good mother would.

Me: You can believe it, or we can put him up in the attic.

Nicky: Wow, it is magic, Momma! 

We’re playing along. And this is gonna be fun! This morning we found him in a stocking.

And I leave you with this…. more mom of the year worthy fun.

Today the twins’ had their Christmas Program at Preschool. I forgot. Until we pulled in and the parking lot was full.

Dang it.

I was in my pajama pants and slippers.

Pathetic, I know.

At least Nicky only had toothpaste on his shirt and Luke’s collar was all kinds of crazy.

I put the question out there.

Would you be sad if I missed your performance. Momma is smelly.

Nicky gave the pout face.

He knows how to guilt me.

I raced home and changed into something halfway decent.

Hosed myself down with body spray.

I was there for their performance.

It was like magic.


  1. Kim Idell says:

    Love it! “You can believe it, or we can put him up in the attic.” My favorite part. I would so say that. 🙂

    Glad you made it to the performance. THAT makes you Mommy of the year.

    BTW, love the toothpaste!

    1. Kim, you’re funny. Nicky is kind of onto the antics… this morning he was not impressed when he found Elf on a shelf in the living room and he had left a note for them. He looked at Luke and said, I think Mommy is lying. :/

      Ugh oh.

  2. I know you said it was a mistake to wait until after thanksgiving but really part of me is amazed that these things are even on sale prior to thanksgiving!

    1. For real. I expect to see Valentine’s Day stuff at the stores any day now. :/

      1. Kim Idell says:

        I saw shorts at Target yesterday!!

        1. You know what? Target still has bathing suits out, too. I was thinking maybe they are still out because some people travel to warmer climates over Christmas break???

          Who knows.

    1. Thanks for the link. Great Elf on the Shelf ideas. I will share a link to it in my next Elf post.

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