Elf on the Shelf Dryer Idea

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Are you losing your mojo when it comes to Elf on the Shelf ideas?

I get it…. some years we reach a place during this holiday tradition where we just run out of ideas.

Been there!

You know where your kids will never find him? Literally the best hiding place in the house!

This Elf on the Shelf dryer idea is impressive!

Grab a couple of friends from your kiddos toy stash, like a Barbie, GI Joe, Transformer, etc., and put them in the dryer with Elf.

See how it looks like they are on a carnival ride?

What Age Group Did You Find Your Kids Understood the Concept of Elf on the Shelf

By age 2 or 3 my boys knew what to expect. As they were closer to preschool and kindergarten age they were really excited each day to find elf when they woke up.

My the time my boys were about 9 years old they knew mama moved the elf… but they happily played along for fun.

By the time they were 12 or so the older boys started helping me move the elf…. because I am known to forget by day 15. lol

What Do You Do If You Touch Elf on the Shelf

Listen, you are in charge. You are a grown up.

At my house mom and dad are able to touch the elf.

If kids touch the elf they know he may not move tomorrow.

Don’t let this be something that stresses you out.

Have fun with it and make rules up as you go if you need to.

How did You Introduce Elf to Your Family


We bought a box kit and had a note waiting with it that said read this book.

If you buy the elf kit it comes with the book that tells you exactly how the process works.

The story explains that Elf will be waiting you and will fly back to the North Pole to report good and bad behavior to Santa.

Don’t like those rules? Change them up.

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