Elf on the Shelf Leaves a Note

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Oh, Elf is a smart little guy. I think Nick is losing his patience with my Elf’s antics. (You too can get your own Elf on the Shelf.)

This morning they woke up and off they went in search of the little red hat fella. No need to remind them, they just take off looking for him.

I do not help them. I just continue on about my day as they look for Elf.

Within about 20 minutes Luke spotted him.

Nick on the other hand, is just so analytical and so logical, his skeptical reasoning comes into play very quickly.

And it honestly cracks me up. He wants to buy into this so bad, but he really questions it all.

As soon as Nick could see Elf had a hand-written note, he looked at Luke and said, I think Momma is lying.

Momma: What? I have not said a word. How am I lying?

Nick: The Elf thing. You’re lying.

Luke: Momma, what does his note say?

It is almost hard to contain myself.

How is Elf on the Shelf going at your house?


  1. This is so funny!! I can totally see Nicky saying this. We got one today actually and Troy is all about asking questions. I am curious to see how the first morning is going to go! I will post pics in the morning of what “Chippy” is doing tonight! Sneaky little elf.

  2. Oh we love Fifi the elf. This is the first year an elf has come to visit our family and let me tell you it’s been as much fun if not more for my husband and I relive childhood mischief thru Fifi’s adventures.
    We got a late start because my husband and I had never heard of it before. But so far Fifi has: drawn on pictures with dry erase markers on the wall, toilet papered the Christmas tree, gotten into the cereal container, went fishing with the gold fish crackers, broken into my 6 yr old’s diary, and made flour angels on the counter. Our favorite adventure with Fifi was when she left specific instructions for our daughter to grow a candy cane garden. The elf left all the ingredients in place as well. The process took two days and I can’t tell u how funny it was to have my daughter scream out with excitement when she swore she could see them starting to grow lol. We started the day before Christmas Eve and when she wakes up tomorrow (Christmas eve) there will be a garden (bowl) full of candy canes for her to enjoy. It’s so cute and she is fully believing it all.

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