Elf on the Shelf Rock Climbing

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Many families do EOTH from the day after Thanksgiving each year until Christmas Day. This means you need a stockpile of Elf on the Shelf ideas up your sleeve!

We are here to help!

This Elf on the Shelf Rock Climbing idea is so much fun and super easy!

You only need to few things to pull this off. It’s super easy!

Just grab a handfull of sticky gift wrapping bows.

You will want 6-10 of them.

Remove the backings so they will stick.

Pick a place to stick them.

Here are some places you can put the bows:

  • fireplace
  • the wall
  • kitchen cabinet door
  • front door
  • window

Stick the bows to your chosen area.

You want to alternate the bows placing them in a pattern similar to how rocks are positioned when you go rock climbing.

Grab some command tape, clear wrapping tape, or small pieces of Velcro sticky dots, which is what we used.

Use your sticky tape (or whatever you’re using) to attach your Elf to the bow, positioning the legs to look like it is climbing.

Here is what we used. It’s a kit you can buy called Elf Flex. I use this little pack over and over again.

The kids will love this!

What Can I Do With My Elf on the Shelf?

During the holiday season you move him each night. When it’s not EOTS season, you can store him in with your Christmas decorations.

What Age Do You Start Elf on the Shelf?

By the time your child is about 3 years old they understand the concept of Elf on the Shelf and that each day you look for him in a new spot.

How Do You Introduce Elf on the Shelf ?

When you buy your Elf it comes with a book that you read to your children so they understand what to expect and how it works.

We like to do an Elf welcome letter each season though as an official season kickoff.

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