Games From Around the World

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Are you looking for around the world games to play with your kids and as a family. I have some fun ideas!

We recetnly went on our local morning show here in Dallas (Good Morning Texas) and did a segment on Games from Around the World for Kids and for Grownups.

Let me show you some of the fun things we shared that you will have fun with at home too!

games played around the world by kids and adults

Games from Around the World for Kids

Here is our segment about fun things for kids. This would make an amazing homeschool unit study!


And below is a list of all the games we played in this segment.

Play Marbles

Marbles date back to Roman literature, obviously they were made of clay and stone then. Marbles are played all over the world and were first manufactured in Germany in the 1800’s and then made their way to America.

There are actually National Marbles Tournaments for kids and adults in the United States and in England.

One popular game kids can play is called Knuckle Down. Here is a video that shows this simple game. Also think outside the box and play with marbles in may different ways. You can even use tape to make a tic tac toe board and use marbles as your game pieces.

Looking for more marble ideas? We love this little books called Marble Madness. It’s full of so many fun ideas that are perfect for kids!

Paper Boats

Make Origami Paper boats! Origami is Japanese paper art that can be so much fun. You can create so many different things using this art.

One fun activity you can do with kids is make floating paper boats and put them in a bath tub or small kiddy pool Use straws to race the boats. They really float and they are pretty simple to make!


Tangram puzzles are dissecting puzzles. It originates in China back in the Song Dynasty and the word means seven board of skill.

Tangram puzzles eventually made their way to Europe on trading ships in the 19th century and now these puzzles are enjoyed all over the world.

tangram puzzle


Paper Dolls

Paper dolls are something you cannot find anywhere any more it seems. This is such a fun activity to do with your kids! Paper dolls are of Asian origin but I have found some awesome free printables online that you can use for both boys and girls as you play paper dolls. Paper dolls became very popular in Europe in the 18th century. In America these dolls became popular in the 1800’s and were popular for decades!

Here are some super hero paper dolls:



City Girl Paper Dolls 

girl paper dolls

Family Games and Games for Adults

Here is our video demonstrating the adults games.


Play Kubb

A fun game to play is called Kubb. This can be made very easily using wood. This game dates back to Viking days and is really a fun game of strategy. It is kind of like yard chess. Here is an awesome video that explains it well. This can be played in your backyard with two people or as many people as you have. No need for even numbers of players. There is actually a tournament in Lindsborg every summer.


Play Yut

Yut is a Korean game that carries great tradition. Again, a game of strategy and this is often played during Korean New Year.



This is an ancient stone game that many kids know how to play today here in the US. They do not realize where this game originates from, but it is a super fun game for grownups and families!


There are tons of ways to play Mancala but here is a great video that shows a simple way to play! You can buy a Mancala game online or at many toy stores.


Enjoy playing all of these games from Around the World!


  1. These are great! Kubb looks like a good game for a summer evening. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing on Something To Talk About Link Party! I hope you’ll be back next Monday and share more! 🙂

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