Witch Broom Sticks Made From Pretzel Rods

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Are you looking for some fun, no bake Halloween treats you can make with your kiddos in the kitchen? All of these are perfect for the last minute and you likely have everything you need on hand to make these.

You will be shocked at how quickly these Witch Broom Sticks come together with pretzel rods and a fruit leather strip.

I love that these use store bought pretzel stick rods are kid friendly and super easy to make. They are perfect for your Halloween party or school classroom party.

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You Will Need:

  • 1 box of 10 fruit roll ups
  • 10 pretzel rods
  • knife

Open and unroll your fruit rollup. Remove it from the cellophane.


Lay it flat on a plate and cut in into fourths.

(turn your flash off…)

Take one of the rollup strips and lay it horizontally.

Take a small knife (paring knife would be great) and cut slits, vertically,beginning about one-fourth of the way down from the top of the roll up all the way down to the bottom.

It will look like this once you pick it up.

Next, take your pretzel rod and roll the fruit rollup around it as the picture below illustrates.

And you’re broom sticks will look like this when they are done.

Super simple.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. cute! Im saving this idea for our halloween party

  2. I’ll admit to nothing, but the iphone has a “scanner” app… he he he

    Very cute idea! Nicely done. My girls would love this!!


  3. They are so cute! Next time you go to the store you should take photos of the pages with your phone. That might be a little less inconspicuous that the scanner idea! ; ) Thanks so much for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday!

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