Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

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Are you ready for some fun activities for kids as you teach your little one the letter J?

This week our hand print art is gorgeous! We’re making a jellyfish!

What are some other words you can think of that start with the letter of the week? Jam, jacket, jungle, jug, jar, jet and more!

At the end of this post we have a collection of letter J activities for kids that is perfect to focus on all week long!


Hi! I’m excited to be back again for another hand print art craft to share with all of you! Today’s theme is letter J is for Jellyfish.We have been making jellyfish hand prints quite often lately and this one is my favorite yet! I just love the blue and purple color combination.

Fun fact: jellyfish have been around for millions of years, even longer than dinosaurs!

We also talked about how they do not have bones, blood, or brains and that their tentacles sting so we should never touch them.

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

Supplies Needed:

Jellyfish Hand Print Art

How to make the J is for Jellyfish Hand Print Art:

If you would like to make the multi-color jellyfish, have the child paint their hand a solid color.

Take a new paintbrush and dip it into a different color of paint. Dab it in various places on the already painted hand. Repeat this step however many times you’d like. You could even add more colors.

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

Use glitter glue to make the tentacles. I also outlined the palm with the glitter – this step is optional. Let Dry. Alternatively, use paint or marks to draw on the tentacles.

Glue on googly eyes.

Write ‘J is for  Jellyfish’ with  markers or use letter stickers.

Joy the Jellyfish

A cute book to go along with the craft is Joy the Jellyfish. Joy wants to make friends but feels invisible. It’s a great story about overcoming shyness, making friends, and how to be a friend.

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

In case you missed it, last week’s hand print art post was Letter I is for Ice cream!


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  1. jeannine: waddleeahchaa says:

    I like the colors in the jellyfish. Very pretty!

    When we go to the beach, we always have to watch out for the jellyfish. They are enchanting but you have to be careful.

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