Handwriting Practice for Kids: A is for Alligator

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I have many activities for kids on this site that focus on education.

These printables go perfectly with all of our letter of the week crafts and activities.

If you are looking for handwriting practice for kids, this will be perfect.

A is for alligator. Let’s trace our letters and learn more about the letter Aa.

handwriting practice for kids preschool a is for alligator 2

You Will Need:

Print the worksheet out.

a is for alligator

I love the big A and little a at the top left. It uses arrows to show how to make the letter Aa.

Have your preschooler follow the number order and use their finger to trace the letter.


Reference the letter in your alphabet flip book. Remind them of the sound the letter makes.

A is for alligator.

a is for alligator trace the letter

Next, have them use their pencil to trace all of the big A’s.

Then all of the little a’s.

Then trace the Aa pattern.

Then there is a blank row to write the letters again independently.

(Matthew used two permanent markers yesterday to draw all over himself…..  Even after a shower there are still signs of marker. Of course this is not the first time we’ve dealt with this.)

Matthew can successfully and neatly trace his letter, but he does not always choose to. Be patient. With maturity this will change.

handwriting practice for kids tracing

Here is is sweet face. Today he told me he is tired of this baby stuff preschool. He wants to go to high school now….

(See the faint sign of marker around his eyes? And on his arms?  He is such a unique and wildly independent boy.)

matthew as a preschooler

How is homeschooling your preschooler going?

Remember, all of our children learn at their own pace.

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  1. Repetition is the key to successfully learning to write the alphabet and this is sure to be a fun exercise for any child learning to write the letter ‘a’ for the first time or to practice with.

  2. What a cutie! Have you seen those little, inexpensive locker end tables at IKEA? I wonder if he could keep his school supplies in one and it would satisfy his need for high school?

    1. Vanessa- he is my very outspoken child…. in case you couldn’t tell.

  3. Love homeschooling for preschool!

    We are nearing the end of going over the alphabet, but we definitely could use more practice writing those letters!

    1. I have lots of letter of the week stuff here on my site. I will being offering the handwriting pages for all letter of the alphabet too!

  4. I love this handwriting page. Good pages are surprisingly hard to find. I’ll have to save this one for when we get to the letter A.

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