Handwriting Practice for Kids: D is for Dog

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As you are teaching your child the alphabet, it is important to also have them practice wiring and tracing the letter on paper.

If you are using my letter of the week crafts to teach your little one a new letter each week. these handwriting practice for kids printables is a great fine motor skill activity to include.

I make it easy. All you have to do is print out this sheet and do it with your preschooler or young learner.

At the end of this post I also have a link to the craft, a book list for the library, a Do a Dot printable,  a snack and a few more activities if you’re interested.

Let me show you how to use this.

handwriting practice for kids d is for dog


You Will Need:


Print out your d is for dog handwriting printable by clicking the link above. handwriting practice for kids: d is for dog

First, let’s look at the big D and little d at the top left of the page.

Notice the arrows? This demonstrates for your little one how to make the letters.

Have your preschooler use his or her finger to trace the arrows in number order.


d is for dog letter tracing


Have them start tracing the letters.

The first row is all big D’s.

The second row is all little d’s.

The third row alternates with big and little.

The last row is for independent practice.

handwriting practice for kids for the letter d


Grab your alphabet flip book (there is a link below to a tutorial so you can make your own).

Find the letter Dd.

what makes the letter d sound

Let’s say the sound it makes.

Let’s trace it with our finger.

Let’s name other things that start with this letter like: duck, Dad, dandelion, dinosaur, dictionary, etc.

I have used the book My First Picture Dictionary with my preschooler and my twins during Kindergarten and First grade. It is one of our favorites.


More Educational Activities for Preschoolers:


    1. Awesome Stephanie! He will likely love it. Super fun and lots of ways to encourage learning.

  1. What great handwriting sheets! Pinning =)

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