Handwriting Practice for Preschool: Letter H

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If you are on the hunt for handwriting practice for preschool kids you have found the right place!

This week we are focusing on the letter H.

This printable includes tracing practice, encourages preschoolers to practice the sound the letter makes and come up with a list of as many things as they can that start with the letter letter of the week.

Let me show you how fun this little printable is!

handwriting practice for perschool letter h

You Will Need:

Print out the worksheet and grab your pencil.

While you’re at it, if you’ve made our alphabet flip book grab it too!  (Click the link above to find out how to make your own. Super easy!!)

The theme of this printable (house) goes with the theme of the letter if the week craft. These pair perfectly together as you teach your preschooler their ABC’s.

handwriting practice for preschool

Let’s start by tracing the letters.

There is a big H and a little h in the top left corner of the page. There are arrows that guide your preschooler and show how to correctly write each letter.

Have them use their finger to trace each letter following the arrows.

trace the letter h

Next, grab the alphabet flip book. Find the letter H.

See how the h’s look the same on this card as they do on our printable?

What are some other things that start with the letter H? Hat, horse, house, harp, hammer, hair, etc.

h is for hat

I love to use the My First Picture Dictionary as we make a list of words that start with the letter of the week.

This book came in our Sonlight curriculum and we use it often.

my first picture dictionary book

Now let’s trace all of the H’s.

The first row is all big H’s.

The second row is all little h’s.

Then the third row alternates big H and little h.

The last row is blank for independent practice.

handwriting practice for kids

Feel free to spread the work out over a few days if you want. Matthew does not like to do all of the tracing in one day.

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  1. These worksheets are perfect and a great way to teach the young ones to write letters. I still remember handwriting practice when I was young.

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