Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

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Everyone knows my love affair with laundry…. and I say this with so much sarcasm. The facetiousness just pours from my mouth!

Well, for a few months I have been following this awesome laundry blog called Mama’s Laundry Talk, where she talks everything laundry. She covers the simplest things like how to fold children’s pajamas to finding a laundry schedule that works for you.

On Friday, Mama Laundry hosted a link up for Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipes. Everyone came together and gave links directing you to their personal detergent recipe.

Making detergent is something I have been thinking about trying or a while.

Here is why:

The cost savings are very significant. Very!

It is really easy.

A little bit goes a long way. One batch lasts for a very long time.

You are in control. You know what is in your detergent and not some long list of ‘stuff’ that we have no idea what it is or what it does to our clothes.

With Baby Matthew’s eczema, I would no longer be forced to buy detergent for him and detergent for the rest of us.


But, I had lots of questions:

Can this powder stuff work in my HE front load?

How does detergent really work and clean your clothes?

What is the purpose of each ingredient that you use to make this stuff?

Now that I have reviewed the links to recipes that everyone provided, I want to share my favorite with you guys.

Her post (see below) answers every question I have…

HE washer specifics.

The purpose of soap and how it attracts dirt.

The purpose of every ingredient and how it works to clean your clothes.

Essential oils you can add load by load for the smelly kind, or omit the oils and it is perfect for Baby Matthew’s clothes.

So, here is the link to my favorite recipe and a detailed breakdown of information. You’ve got to check it out- Be It Ever So Humble’s Custom Laundry Soap Recipe.

I can not wait to try it as soon as I use up the store bought stuff I have on hand. If I love it, I think it might make a super Mother’s Day gift for all the special Mommy’s in my life.

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