How to Make Homemade Clay for Kids

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Yesterday we decided to get the kitchen messy and create something fun.

Did you know it is so super easy to make homemade molding clay? Allowing kids to create something out of clay or play dough or other materials while they are learning really allows things to stick in their mind. We ended up using this clay to go along with a story we read which made for an excellent comprehension activity!

Wondering how to make homemade clay? I am going to show you. Super easy and fun. It only uses two ingredients- unless you want to dye it which just adds one more ingredient.

How to Make Homemade ClaySupplies:

homemade clay recipe

Put the cornstarch in a mixing bowl.

I did one cup cornstarch.

Then, had half of that amount in glue. So, since I did one cup of cornstarch I did half a cup of glue.

homemade hardening clay


If you want to dye or tint the clay, you need to add the coloring to the glue.

Add a few drops of dye into the glue and stir.

use food coloring or gel tint to color the clay

Pour the glue into the bowl with the cornstarch and stir.

Once it is well mix and clumpy, use your hands to form it all together.

recipe for homemade clay


We made four different batches. We did turquoise blue, a bright yellow, some black and then one batch that was no coloring at all, just white.

Any idea what we’re going to use these colors to create? It is a fun activity for kids that involves a classic story book.

clay made from corn starch and glue

I like to give the kids cutting boards to create on.

You can leave it out a room temperature and it will dry.

For best results pop it in a 250 degree oven on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper for 30 minutes.

If the clay starts to dry to fast while you’re creating, just wet your hands a little and don’t dry them off well. The clay will become pliable again!

This white and yellow clay of abstract art that Matthew created is not baked. We just let it sit out to dry.

molding clay that dries easily

Luke made this blue school bus. We baked it and it is very, very hard. Can you guess what

how to make things out of homemade clay

Can you guess what storybook this goes with?

Watch for a fun interactive idea later this week!

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I was inspired by this recipe over at Creative Playhouse.



  1. What a great idea to do with the kids! I am going to give it a try with mine! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. thank you for sharing this idea. I wonder if it can be a good fit as an activity for a group of kids (birthday party etc.).

  3. I love that I already have all the ingredients in the kitchen. I will give your recipe a try tonight, we have had rain for days and a this should create entertainment for a few hours. Thanks!

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