I Think I’m A Bunny

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We went to San Antonio for the weekend to visit my husband’s family.

300-and-some-odd miles that way. It is a nice get away.

But I hate the drive.

The kids hate the drive.

It takes forever!

We like to rent a vehicle instead of putting the miles on our car. One lovely perk in renting a vehicle these days is generally it comes with satellite radio.

I am a huge fan of satellite radio! Especially Kids Place Live, which is a channel dedicated to kids music. Non-suggestive kids music, might I add.

This is one of our favorite songs…. I Think I’m a Bunny. We crack up. You’ll get it stuck in your head.

After an hour or two my husband is ready to pull his hair out with songs about bunnies and potato chip stew and other silly things. Then I remind him it is clean fun music that the kids love; and he has to agree. We would rather they listen to this than the Top 40 station with words they will repeat that we are not fond of. Even the stations that promote themselves as family friendly– not so much.

I think I have convinced him to get satellite radio for our 11 year old Suburban.

If you cannot view the video in your email reader or RSS reader, click-through here to watch it. So cute!

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  1. Crystal, it is so easy to get satellite radio…I got it installed at Best Buy by the Geeks. The unit was about $100. The installation was about $300. The subscription for a year of Sirius XM was about $200. So worth it to me…but then, I have it on 80s on 8 all the time. My kids sing Van Halen. Which is hilarious.

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