20 Letter T Books Preschoolers Love

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Do you have a preschooler or young learner you’re teaching the alphabet to?

In my seven years of homeschooling, one thing I love to do is check out books at the library that focus on the letter of the alphabet I am teaching them.

We take the list to the library and have fun checked out books where the main subject focuses on that letter.

For the letter t we have found preschool books that focus on trains, trees, trucks, teddy bears, tasting, touching and more!

Our list includes 20 books. You should be able to find all of them at your local library. You can also click through the link below to learn more about the author and the book. You also have the option to order the book on Amazon if you’re library does not have it in stock.

Ready for our collection?

20 Letter T Books Preschoolers Love 

1.Disney Bunnies Thumper’s Fluffy Tail

2.Sleep Like a Tiger

3.A Tree Is a Plant




7.Two Little Trains

8.The Truck Book

9.Tough Trucks

10.Freight Train

11.The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

12.Woolly Stops the Train


14.Who Wants an Old Teddy Bear?

15.The Tiny Seed


17.Where’s My Teddy?

18.Bad Kitty’s Tasty Treats

19.Llama Llama Trick or Treat

20.Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble

Here is one way we love to use this book list. We incorporate it into our preschool homeschooling routine.

On Monday we do our letter of the week craft.

On Tuesday we go to the library and find books from our book list.

On Wednesday we do the handprint art.

On Thursday we do our alphabet worksheets.

On Friday we do our kitchen creation.

How often do you take your preschooler to the library? What are your favorite activities to do with your little one as you teach them the alphabet?

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