Octopus Paper Roll Craft

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I always keep a few paper rolls around for craft projects. Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls are in abundance around my house so they make for really easy craft materials to keep on hand!

O is for octopus! We are learning all about letter /Oo/ and making some octopus animals out of paper rolls. This is any octopus paper roll craft is so easy and it really helps with scissor skills and only takes a few materials that you probably already have on hand. Check it out!

You will need:

First paint the paper roll completely on the outside and allow it to dry.

Once the paper roll is dry cut 8 sections into one end of the octopus. Only cut them about halfway up so you have room for the face! Curl the cut sections of the paper roll. We did this by just lightly pressing the cut edges on the table top so they would flair a bit.

Then glue on your googly eyes and draw on your face. This would be a good time to add on sequins or other gems to the tenticles.

Love this letter /Oo/ craft!


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