Parents Do You Have Questions?

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Parents I want you to know you are not alone! Parents have questions. I mean, these kids did not come with instructions.

You’re not alone!! While I share tons of resources and solutions here on Crystal & Co., I know that you guys have questions that I’ve not been able to address. Or, questions I did not even know you have.

I want to help you guys in every way I can. If you are seeking tips, pointers, ideas, or need advice for your struggles or concerns please complete this form below and I would love to either use it as inspiration for a blog post or ask the question over on the Crystal & Co., Facebook Page!

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All you need to do is plug your question in below and I will take care of it from there. Include your first name and the city or state you live in, or leave that anonymous.

Your question will either be published over on Facebook for our 29,000 followers to answer, or I will use it as a topic for an upcoming blog post.

I love helping you guys and we really can be powerful in numbers when it comes to helping moms, dads and grandparents who are seeking answers from parents who have been there!


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Two quick things. You will want to make sure you’ve subscribed to our email delivery. Don’t worry, it’s free. Just enter your email address in that pink bar at the top of the website.

And make sure you’re following us over on Facebook. This will ensure that you see the question when it is answered or the blog post when it is published!

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