Personal Training Online: Busy Moms Workout at Home

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Can a mom look like this?

Years ago before I had children I had a gym membership. I dreaded going, but I did it.

Once I had my oldest son my gym visits were few and far between– even after becoming a member of a 24 hour facility.

Now with a houseful of kids, there is no way I can make it to the gym, especially since it is something that I dread. I prefer to workout at home or go to the track and run. Nonetheless, I still have a long list of excuses.

My weight has fluctuated after having children. I lost 20 pounds with Nutrisystem in the last year and within four months have put more than half of the weight back on. I love food. I struggle. But let me share with you someone who inspires me. She really inspires me to change.

Adrianne is a mom just like you and me. I have known her for right at ten years– her daughter and my oldest son went to preschool together. About three years ago Adrianne found herself on an accidental fitness quest for which she used natural supplements in order to increase testosterone levels . She had an average mom body but wanted to get in shape. She was dedicated and motivated.

Here is Adrianne’s body before and after:

She has even gone on to compete in local events here in the Dallas area. I am so impressed.

Adrianne is now a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)  and is also an online fitness coach for moms (and dads). She develops plans for regular people (like you and me) and it is customized to your fitness needs. If you do not have free weights at home and need to be able to do all of your workouts in your living room before your kids are awake, she has a program for you. If you want to workout at home 2 days a week and then want to workout at the gym 3 times a week, she has a program for you as well.

She provides you with guidance for taking body measurements and pictures so you can track your success as we all know the scale is not our best tool. She has an open line of communication with you as she guides you through this journey.

Adrianne also includes meal plan suggestions and ideas as well as information on the best meal choices for you. Her program is very personal and customized to your needs and lifestyle.

You get all of this in a four week program for $100.

Here is what a local Texas gal has to say about Adrianne’s personal training program:

Adrianne is an amazing trainer. I started her online program wanting to lose around 10 pounds and gain some muscle over the course of a couple of months, not knowing where to really start on my own. I felt like I was relatively fit, but just couldn’t seem to shake the extra weight and have never been able to really tone-up well. To my surprise, in just the first four weeks I lost a total of 8 pounds (which was more than we were planning for). I saw a noticeable difference in my strength, I could see tone developing all over my body, and I lost several inches off both my waist and hips. Moreover, I used to despise going to the gym. I felt out of place – I really didn’t know what to do and I just hated the thought of having to enter the weight room. Now I feel incredibly confident and actually look forward to my gym workouts to see how much I can improve from the last time! I also like the fact that I can do some workouts at home with just my own body resistance, which saves me time during the week and keeps me from making excuses to not workout.

Carrie, in Texas

Working out at home with Adrianne as an online fitness coach is totally a mommy solution! Hop over and check out her site, Accidental Fitness Quest, and all of her fitness tips, pointers, recipes and solutions that are intended for the average person just like you and me!


  1. Emily Woodhouse says:

    When you’re busy balancing work, little ones, and home life generally, you could feel that there’s not enough time within the day for physical fitness and health. The word “exercise” simply doesn’t seem to match your vocabulary. Yet there is certainly good news. With just a little daily determination, you can achieve well being and fitness right away without adding tension for your already hectic schedule. Focus on Slow Exercising and Build Strength

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  3. I tried Nutrisystem route and had the same problem. I lost over 20 pounds and gained 30 back. Now, I work out with a trainer 3 days a week and do cardio classes (RPM/Spin, Zumba and other classes). I have lost 4% body fat and my muscles are stronger than they have been in a long time. I’m also going to start doing a C25K.

    Hang in there and be strong 🙂

  4. Wow, this is so awesome! What a fab idea. It will definitely inspire me to workout more often.

  5. This sounds really cool. I tried to get into DVDs when I started traveling for work, but it just didn’t work for me. when I really need to, but this looks like it is worth checking out

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