Preschool Letter Worksheets: Do a Dot Printable (E is for Eagle)

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Do you homeschool or do some supplemental learning at home with your preschooler?

As you know we homeschool and our little Matthew, who is four, is learning his alphabet. We use these preschool letter worksheets with do a dot markers to practice identifying our letter of the week. We have a lot of fun doing it.

Let me show you how we found all of the E’s for eagle and how we use this printable in our homeschool learning.

preschool letter worksheets e is for eagle do a dot



Print out the E is for Eagle printable by clicking on the link above.

Gather your supplies.

I am really digging these learning trays too. They work really well for keeping all of the supplies together in one place while Matthew is working.

preschool letter worksheets e is for eagle

I write a big E and a little e on our dry erase board. This gives Matthew a clear understanding of what the letter looks like.

We do all of our homeschool work in the dining room where a large board is hanging to make instruction easier.

letter of the week e

I bring out our homemade alphabet flipbook.

We find the letter Ee.

We go over what sound the letter makes and trace with our finger how to draw the letter.

We name the things that start with that letter like egg, eagle and elephant.

e is for egg

This time I let Matthew decide if he wanted to color the eagle first on the printable or find all of the big E’s and little e’s.

He wanted to color first.

letter of the week e is for eagle

 The he was ready to use his do a dot marker to find all of the Ee’s.

He worked hard to mark them all.

When he was done he wanted to count them.

We also took the time to talk about the color of the do a dot marker he had chosen as well as the colors he used to color his eagle.

The possibilities for learning are endless with these and he always has so much fun!

e is for eagle

What letter of the week are you working on now?



  1. This is a great visual-perceptual and visual motor activity! What a great way to strengthen these skills while keeping it playful and fun. I will definitely have to try this with some of my preschool therapy students!

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