Skyrocket Your Savings E-book: Budget Saving Resources for Every Aspect of Your Life

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In an economy like the one we live in now, everyone is looking for ways to save money and be thrifty.

My friend Rene over at Budget Saving Mom has just released an awesome e-book, Skyrocket Your Savings.

In this book Rene tackles how to save money in every aspect of your life. From your grocery budget, to car repair, Rene is full of resources and solutions!

The book sells for $4.99!  For real, just $4.99.

Even better- use discount code CrystalCo10 for 10% off for the next 2 weeks.

Click here to visit Budget Saving Mom.


Here is what some readers are saying about Sky Rocket Your Savings:

\”RC’s Skyrocket Your Savings is a must-read for anyone wanting to achieve financial freedom and reach goals. Whether a college student learning to be independent, a young family wanting to stretch their paycheck or a retiree looking to make the most of their funds, SYS offers tips and tools to help in any situation. Readers learn to be aware of their spending habits and to employ a variety of methods to reach their financial goals. Rene provides budgeting insight in simple, easy to implement steps taking a daunting task and making it manageable and even fun! Use one or two tips or challenge yourself to use them all- you’ll soon see yourself on the path to reaching your monetary goals.\” Michelle,

\”This is incredibly practical advice in a concise, easy to use format.\” – Kathy, Budget Saving Mom reader

\”This has transformed the way I look at my spending! There are so many tips in here that I can implement so easily! Definitely a book worth referring back to many times as we change our habits. I thought I was fairly savvy when it came to saving money, but this book has revolutionized not just the way I spend, but the way I think about spending. So incredibly practical. Perfect resource for any mom out there!\” – Karen, Budget Saving Mom reader

\”I thought I had some good ideas about how to manage my savings and expenditures, but this book has helped me to find new ways to save money. After reading the chapter on saving on phone, internet, and TV, I am going to be able to save $40 on my monthly mobile phone bill and have a much better plan!\” – Matt, Budget Saving Mom reader


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