Teach Colors to Kids in Spanish Flip Book

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Are you working to teach colors to kids right now? Since we homeschool and one of my little one’s is a preschooler, we certainly have been working on our colors.

I love creating flip books to help with learning. It is a great way to take flash card type material and turn them into a quick little book that stays together easily.

A few weeks ago I create a flip book for that you can use to teach colors to kids and immediately I received some feedback that never crossed my mind. A teacher asked if I had a Spanish version that she could use with her students. Why had I never thought of this?

So here you go. This is perfect for homeschoolers, parenting wanting to teach their children Spanish, preschool teachers and anyone wanting to learn!

teach colors to kids in Spanish


Print out your pages.

Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut each card out following the black lines.

If you’re going to laminate them, do it after you cut them.

colors in spanish flash cards free printable

Grab the hole punch and loose leaf ring.

colors in spanish free printable

Punch a hole in the upper left corner of each card. Ensure that the holes line up with each other.

What I do is, punch a hole in the first one and then use that as a template for each card until I am done.

use a hole punch to make flash cards a flip book

Once you’ve punch holes in each card, feed the cards through the loose leaf ring.

I loke to have the cover card first- the one that says My Color Flip Book. In this case it is in Spanish, so it says Mi Color de Flip Book.


Then I add each card after that.

Green is verde in Spanish.

See the green crayon?

verde is green in spanish


Here is what each card looks like. Each sheet has two cards on it.


The first sheet is the cover page and the color black which is negro in Spanish.

mi color de flip book in spanishThe next sheet is azul which is blue and rojo which is red in Spanish

azul is blue rojo is redThe next sheet has verde which is green and amarillo which is yellow in Spanish

verde is green amarillo is yellow

Then we have the sheet with brown which is marron and pink which is rosa in Spanish.

brown and pink in spanishAnd the last sheet is blanco which is white and gris which is gray.

blanco is white in spanish and gris is gray in spanish

And now you have everything you need to make a flip book to teach colors to kids in Spanish!

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  1. Hi Crystal…just a Little mistake…. orange is naranja (en Castellano Spanish from Spain and anaranjado from South America). I´m not good in Englis, but I can help you in Spanish.

    1. Lupe- now I am confused. My husband, who is Latin but Spanish is NOT is first language, says that naranja is the fruit and anaranjado is the color. When I Google colors in Spanish I get anaranjado. When I Google orange fruit in Spanish I get naranja.

      Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

      1. I think what Lupe was pointing out is that your card says “anaranja” which is neither “naranja” nor “anaranjado”. Anyway, thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!

        1. Yeah, I fixed it. The entire word was there, but it was too big for my text box and cut off the last few letters.

  2. Thanks for supplying this- I am raising my sons bilingual and my two year old now knows colours in English but I am keen to teach him the colours in Spanish as well.

  3. I am going to have to try this with my boys. Thanks for linking up at #ThrowbackThursdayLP

  4. Hey! I love your flipbook and would love to use it, but could you upload another version with the correct spelling for orange? It’s “anaranjado” please!! Thank you!

    1. Oh no, Elia. The entire word was there, but the font size was too big for the text box so it cut off the last letters. I have fixed it. Let me know if the error is not resolved.

  5. Hi.
    Your flip book is great.
    I’m Spanish and teacher, the color and the fruit in Spanish of Spain is “Naranja”. You can say Anaranjado but this not the name of the color. The other wrong word is marrón, not marron. And the last mistake is the name of this flip book.
    In Spanish the translation would be “mi libro de los colores”.
    Thanks for your job. Saludos

  6. I know this is an old post but I thought I’d ask… do you have the template for this without the crayons colored and the words for the colors? I’d like to modify it for French and have my students color it themselves. Thanks

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