Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas: How to Make Handmade Flowers

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Teachers Appreciation Day is coming soon (May 6-10) and there is still time to create a fun gift.

We are so excited to offer you guys an awesome new idea every week until then. Did you see our collection of 12 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas earlier this week? Many of the ideas come with free printables to make gift giving even easier. You just can’t beat that and they are gifts your teacher will treasure forever!

Remember, Teacher Appreciation gifts do not have to cost a fortune. For example, we created simple coffee filter flowers that you can easily make with supplies at home.  Love that!

handmade flowers for teacher appreciation day

Ready for the step by step tutorial?


  • Coffee filters
  • Pencils
  • Rubberbands
  • Markers

First, decorate your coffee filter how every you’d like.

It might be fun to dye them if you have older children.

My toddlers just doodled on them. (Keeping it simple is easy to do.)

use markers to color in coffee filters to then make paper flowers

Take your pencil and poke it through the center.

Secure at the base with a rubber band.

Fluff them out.

use a pencil and coffee filter to make paper flowers

These would be super cute if you gave them to the teacher in the homemade pencil holder from last week!

coffee filter flowers

This was a simple craft that I’m sure any teacher would love!

The cost is less than a couple of bucks to make a bouquet and FREE if you already have everything on hand (which you likely do).

how to make paper flowers using coffee filters

I promise you, your teacher will be forever grateful!  (This would also go great with the printable coffee giftcard holder.)

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