The Mommy Club- Share Your Resources and Solutions #24

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Can you believe Christmas has come and gone?

Me either.

We are still listening to Christmas music.

You too?

Did you miss the 100+ mommy solutions and tips shared here on Crystal & Co., last week? Here is a list of the mom ideas from last week as well as the top five.

  1. The Educators Spin on It shared an idea for making snowmen candy bar wrappers. Smart and inexpensive teacher gift! You’ll want to pin this one for next year.
  2. Real Food Forager shared a Mock Cocoa Fudge Recipe that are approved for SCD and GAPS diets. Way cool.
  3. Fake-it-Frugal shared A Christmas Story family dinner idea. So fun! We need to see this before December is over. So sad I still have not shared this classic with my little ones.
  4. Making Memories with Your Kids shared a creative Ding Dongs and Ho Hos gift idea. I gave these to my brothers and brother-in-law for Christmas this year. I laughed. Do did they.
  5. A Daddy Blog shared 7 Tips When You Have a Cold. Have you had your first cold this season?

Don’t forget… if you are not celebrating Christmas until after the 25th, or if you have a birthday gift to purchase soon, it is not too late to use a discount code from the eighteen awesome small businesses that want to make gift giving budget friendly for you! One more thing, choosing a card as a you gift isn’t always easy, that’s why many people create personalized greeting cards, they’re unique, convenient and they give a personal touch to any gift.


  1. Hi,
    I shared my GF DF Coconut Bread French Toast and an article about Food Safety News’ Naughty/Nice List. Also an article on how to reduce BPA exposure and a study about infants and salt.
    Thanks for hosting! Happy Holidays!

    Thanks so much for featuring my Mock Cocoa Fudge!

    1. Jill, we love french toast. I am so checking this out!
      Thanks for always linking up. 🙂

    1. Yes, cheers for the feature indeed.
      I know, we need to make this movie classic a priority.
      Thanks for always linking up.

  2. Thanks for hosting! As always, I love reading the new ideas! I shared about my frugal winter clothes drying methods this time.

    1. Ewe, this is a must read for me. I remember my mom line drying clothes inside when I was a little girl. Excited to see your method as well.

      Thanks for always being a part of this mommy solution party! Glad you enjoy looking through the ideas. I do too!

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  5. Thanks for sharing our spin on the snowman candy bar wrappers. A Pinterest comment suggested using these for a school fundraiser – this may still work for the winter months – just change up the scarf colors to make them less Christmasy =)

    1. What a great idea. As a former PTA President, I agree; these certainly would make a great fundraiser item.

    1. Wow, Kendahl. Ya know, I do not think I had ever heard of GAPS until I found your site. Thanks for sharing such important messages through your blog.

      So glad you are linking up again this week.

  6. With all the snow and ice around the country, I posted on eco friendly ways to melt ice. Did you know that most store-bought de-icers are very toxic for pets, plants and children who play in snow treated with them? Or that salt or baking soda, while cheap de-icers, are highly corrosive to metal, concrete and plant life? There are safe, non-toxic de-icing products you can use, and you can follow my recipe for a nontoxic window deicer, too!

    Thanks for hosting and stay warm!

    1. Dawn, I cannot say I am surprised that de-icers are toxic. I am learning more and more that many of the common things we buys at the store are not as safe for us as we thought. I am so shocked some of this stuff is even allowed in stores.

      Thanks for sharing and I am checking out your suggestins.

    1. Thank you Jenn. I enjoy looking through all of the ideas as well. So much fun.

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  8. Hi Crystal,
    This Blog Hop is a wonderful idea. It’s truly like a shopping mall and I didn’t even have to put my make-up on to shop. Super idea. I’ll keep my eyes open for another one!

    1. Ann thank you so much for your kinds words. Your comment just made my day.

      I figured if I love sharing and searching for mommy solutions, resources and ideas, then other moms would appreciate it as well.

      Everyone has something to share and we all love to learn.

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