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Thanks so much for showing up today and sharing your mommy resources and solutions with all of us. Last week in The Mommy Club we had  HUGE response with 191 posts bursting full of mom advice, tips, crafts and ideas!  Below you will find the most featured popular mom advice link1. So stop over and read more about each one featured in The Mom Advice post (4/2/13).

Thank you all for linking up your mom advice, Easter &  Spring Break goodies, home organization ideas, DIY home projects, menu plans, homemaking and parenting mommy solutions, easy recipes and crafty ideas!

Throughout the week I will feature some of the ideas shared on my Facebook page, visit your blogs as well as give shout outs on Pinterest. So link up and get featured!

Top 5 Mom Advice

mommy advice 2 13

 1-Joyful Homemaking taught us how to clean a glass stove top.

2-The Measured Mom shared her collection of preschool crafts for the letter T.

3- As Saving 4 Six taught us how to bake or boil an egg!

4-Simply Creating for Home shared with us how to power cook and 5 perfect recipes for this event.

5-The Seasoned Homemaker gave us an amazing recipe on a gluten free quiche!


So stop over and read more about each one featured in The Mom Advice post (4/1/13).


Hop over and check out Shannon’s favorite three picks from last week over at Milk and Cuddles.  Remember, when you link up here you are sharing your project on my site and Shannon’s site.  :)



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my power cooking post! What an honor! Thanks again for hosting this week! I appreciate your party. Have a wonderful week!

    1. You are so welcome. I love your idea of power cooking. I’ve done something similar, but we never called it that. Same methods and ideas. Excellent time saver.

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  4. Thanks for hosting!

    I didn’t know about baking eggs until a friend mentioned it on Facebook. Either way is fine with me. It’s the mess of dyeing the eggs that holds me back.

    1. Barb, I have not tried baking them yet, but the idea sounds awesome and fascinating.

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