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My friend Kim and I are still on our Thrifty Mission. I am by far not a pro at this, and honestly get pretty frustrated with it sometimes, but this is what I have learned so far. 

  • Make a list of all the things you are wanting to find. Work only off your list only. The idea is not to collect a bunch of junk. 
  • One project at a time. If that piece or item you are buying requires refinishing, only have one project going at a time.
  • Share your list with your thrifty friends and vise verse. That way someone else is always on the look out for items for you and you can be on the look out for them as well.
  • Take reinforcement with you, especially if you are thrift shopping with children. Sometimes you have to dig, sort, and really focus. That can be a challenge when you are tugging kids along with you.
  • Keep a calendar of upcoming events at resale shops and organized sales. This may include 50% off days at your local Goodwill and annual neighborhood garage sales.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate. This mostly applies for garage and estate sales, but after all, they are getting rid of something they do not want anymore.

Here are some of my recent finds and what I’ve paid for them:

A side table for our master bedroom. I am going to paint it black and alter the hardware.
Purchased at Goodwill on their 50% off day.
Paid: $7.50

Craft table for the twins’ bedroom. (My friend Kim noticed the table after I walked by it twice! Score!)
Purchased at a resale shop on 50% off day.
Paid: $7.50

Two door knob sets for Garrett’s and Anthony’s bedrooms. (Such a random thing on my list and I found them!)
Purchased at a large annual neighborhood yard sale.
Paid: $5.00 total

Phone for our bedroom. (Reminds me of a phone my grandmother use to have.)
Purchased at Goodwill on 50% off day.
Paid: $1.50

I want to share with you one of my new favorite resale shops that is located here in the DFW area. My friend Kim has known about it forever, and I finally took  her word and went with her. According to Kim, they have regular deals and sales. The day we went it was 50% off day. (This is where I got the craft table for the twins’ room.) If you’re in the area, or looking to find a new thrifty shop, this is a great place to check out!

Bearly Used Resale Shop
301 North Main
Keller, Texas  76248

What are some thrifty finds you have scored? I would love to hear about them!


  1. great finds! I'm an extreamly lucky person. I have a sister who works at a thrift store. she basically clothes my family for super super cheap. I don't ever get to shop for my kids!

  2. What a great post! I came by WFMW.
    I have to say though, that I got so excited when I got the end of your post and saw the picture of your new resale shop! I grew up in that area, and used to donate all my clothes there, as well as volunteer at that store! TOO fun! What a blast from the past!

  3. Followed your link from WFMW.

    I totally agree with enlisting help. My mother is the Queen of garage sales. She goes goes garage sailing every week. She keeps a list of things I'm looking for and buys them. This summer she was able to find a ton of things my daughter needed to set up her kitchen at university.

    Some thrift stores have student discounts. My daughter goes to the thrift store on Wednesday because they have a 20% discount for students that day.

  4. Tara- how awesome is that!? What a blessing that she shops for your little ones!

    Andrea- no way! You lived here, shopped at Bearly Used and volunteered there too? A small world indeed!

    Carrie- lists are so important. That way you're not buying things you don't need and don't have room for. It can be hard to pass up a good deal… How lucky are that your mom keeps a look out for you too!

  5. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    That's a good idea. I advocate lists for absolutely everything!

    Some of my recent thrifty finds include: bestseller novels, a few new blouses for work, and an easel for my preschool classroom!

    Stop by and visit sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

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