What do you get when you put a can opener in the microwave?

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A: Sparks! Nicky learned this very important lesson recently.

I know you are wondering, where in the world was his mother while he was playing with the microwave?

A: I was in the next room. I had just gotten out of the shower- my only moment of peace and quiet! Momma’s need showers too, you know. They were supposed to be watching Dragon Tales… but they had other plans.

And your next question might be how in the world did this two year old reach the microwave?

A: Simple- there are six chairs around our dinner table. Nick and Luke are very innovative little guys and see all objects as tools to put to use.

Can opener type?

A: Handheld with lots of metal.

Does the microwave still work?

A: Surprisingly, yes!

What was Nicky’s response as sparks were shooting in the microwave?

A: He stood in the chair pointing at the microwave ‘Hot Momma, Hot!’.

And what was Luke doing while this was going on?

A: He had a chair up to the sink and was filling the coffee pot with water. Water, electricity… that could be dangerous, hua?

Where are they right now?

A: Luke is at the door of my office yelling ‘MOM!’. Nick is climbing all over me as I type. And you wonder why I do not get to update this blog every day?

Never a dull moment in Hurst, Texas.

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