Why We Are Walgreens Customers #rxsavingsclub

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We have been dedicated customers of Walgreens Pharmacy for a while now. They have always been very good to our family. This goes back to when the twins were little and even when Garrett was younger and battled ear infections constantly.

The Walgreens near us is not overly fancy, it is older. There is a sparkling new chain competitor across the street, but still I am loyal to Walgreens. Let me tell you why….

For starters our Walgreens has a drive thru. This is beyond helpful when you have a carfull of kids or a sickly child that you do not want to lug in and out of a store.

Our Walgreens is also open 24 hours. Believe me we have been there at 2:00 in the morning. More than once.

As a matter of fact, when I had Matthew I did not fill my prescription for pain meds after having a c-section. I really thought I could tough it out. Well, that first night home it was after midnight when I decided I could not take the pain anymore. Lenny headed out to Walgreens and they filled the prescription no problem at all.

You know what else keeps me coming back? They offer a very affordable prescription savings club. My husband has been self-employed for about five years, meaning we self pay for all of our medical needs.   With their savings program there are over 8,000 brands and all generic medications that fall under their plan.

Not to mention, anytime we purchase anything Walgreens Brand, we get 10% off that item!

We pay $35 for the year and everyone in our family is covered. Even pets (if we had any).

We have been purchasing this annual membership since Matthew was a baby. It has come in handy more times than we can count and it pays for itself often times when we buy the first prescription each year. And here is an awesome additive, if you don’t save at least the cost of your membership fee in one year, Walgreens will give you back the difference. How awesome is that?!


The Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is certainly a mommy solution!

When all of our kids are sick at one time, we can easily save $100+ a visit. Here is a trip back in April when three of our kids had strep throat and asthmatic breathing issues and Matthew had an eczema skin infection to boot. We were so happy to be member.

You can view one of our recent shopping trips over on Google+.

Visit these links for more info about Walgreens and their Prescription Savings Club:

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  1. Jennie Hawkins says:

    I two am a Walgreens long time customer.

  2. I have a 24 hr Walgreens nearby, too! Perfect for me because I’ll remember at about 11pm that I am out of my Rx!

  3. Nothing like a 24 hour pharmacy! I love Walgreens too! 🙂

    1. Shannon- the 24 hour aspect has come in handy more times then I can count.

  4. Walgreens must be doing something right to have a loyal customer like you. I have to say, I’m pretty loyal to them myself!

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  6. I’m a store manager at a Walgreens and it means a lot to hear how happy you are with our services. Thank you for being apart of the Walgreens family!

    1. Awesome to hear Nikki. Walgreens has always taken great care of us!

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