Elf on the Shelf Had a Bad Fall #elfontheshelf

Today marks day five of Elf on the Shelf at our house this year and boy has it been an interesting day.

Elf had a bad fall…. and he is resting.


Apparently Elf feels that being in a glass cake dome is the closest he can get to living in a bubble.

He has instructed that everyone is to keep their hands off of him!


He even found a cushy ornament from our tree to use as as pillow.

elf on the shelf

And he left this lovely note for the handsy 3 year old.

I think the letter explains everything.

Matthew dropped Elf head first into the Tonka truck that Elf was in yesterday.

Now Nick and Luke are concerned he has lost some of his magic.

Poor Elf.

Luke is concerned how Elf will get out from under the cake dome.

He got in there, he can figure out a way to get out…..


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  1. felicia chavez says

    when my son touched our elf, scout, i whipped up an “emergency elf kit”
    complete with a little bottle of magic(bottle of red glitter) and then sprinkled scout with the glitter… TADA! he came back to life haha plus i had him say i do believe in elves over and over again(peter pan style).


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