How to Meal Plan eBook: Get Dinner on the Table in 5 Easy Steps (The eBook is Live!)

My heart is racing with excitement…… the time is here! My eBook is live and ready for you to read. I am so proud of the finished product.

My eBook will  teach you how to meal plan, while saving you money and saving you time – in 5 easy steps.

If you struggle with meal planning or with getting dinner on the table this book is for you! I want to help you get dinner on the table. You can buy the eBook now!


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In this book you will learn and receive:

  • how to meal plan in 5 easy steps
  • a list of 20 sites to find recipes on
  • how to create a grocery list (with 10 resources and tools)
  • 12 ideas for displaying your menu
  • pointers for implementing your plan
  • tips to follow when road blocks arrive
  • 5 free printable worksheets that have been custom-made for this eBook
  • 14 easy recipes for two weeks of dinner ideas
  • an awesome list of 10+  mommy resources for other potential problem areas in your life

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You will receive the book as a download. The Kindle version is coming soon.

Would you like to be an affiliate for this eBook? I would love for you to be a part of the excitement and make 50% of all sales made via your referral link. It is really easy to set up. Here is information about being an affiliate for How to Meal Plan.


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