Preschool Do a Dot Printables: Valentine Hearts

Are you ready for some Valentine inspired preschool do a dot printables?

Last month we had lots of folks that loved the snowman packet. One reader even emailed me and told me that her husband used them in his classroom and all the teachers in his area loved them.


This month we have a couple of additional skills added in. We included math, matching, tracing lines and patterns. I hope your little ones enjoy it.

Preschool Do a Dot Printables: Valentine Hearts

You Will Need:

Print out the pages of the packet. Do not feel like you have to go through all of the pages in one sitting. We spread these out for Matthew (4) over a couple of days.

The first printable focuses on the letter Hh. I like to pull out my alphabet flip book (referenced above) and talk about the sound the letters make.

Use the Do a Dot markers to color the big H’s red and the little h’s blue.

h is for heart printables

In the next printable find the hearts.

Which things have a heart on them? Use the red Do a Dot maker where you see and heart and use the blue marker where you do not see a heart.



find the hearts

Next, let’s count.

Count out loud as you mark the number of circles.  1,2,3,4,5!



count hearts

Now, let’s add.

Use whatever color Do a Dot marker you want to add the hearts, the birds and the frogs.



adding hearts

I love this page for patterns.

Patterns are perfect for building math skills.

We even give them a place to create their own pattern.


Tracing lines is important for learning writing skills, which we need for writing our alphabet.

Draw lines and draw shapes.

trace the lines

What goes with what?

Match the birds, the cards, the girls, etc.

Draw a line to match them up.

matching shapes

And this last printable is one of Matthew’s favorite.

Use markers, crayons or watercolors to to color all the hearts.

Count them as you  color them.

heart color sheetAnd there you have it.

A super fun pack you can use while homeschooling, for supplemental learning at home and for your Valentine play date or party.



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