23 Lego Party Games & Activities

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Got LEGO? You’ve got a party! Not only do bright LEGOs make great decorations at a birthday party, there are lots of themed games and activities to do with them, too.

A number of the classic children’s games readily adapt to use with LEGO; think of Pin the Head on LEGO Man (also Pin the Spot on the Brick) or play a version of Hot Potato, using a LEGO piece. When kids receive a candy consolation prize, they don’t seem to mind if the music stopped while they held the brick! Bingo cards that sport pictures of LEGO pieces/characters are easily covered with single brick markers—theme perfect! Substitute a brick for a button and play a LEGO version of Button, Button, Who Has the Button? Adjust the games for the age and number of guests.

Lego Birthday Party Game Ideas

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Here are more suggestions to occupy hands and imaginations at your LEGO birthday party:

  • Tallest Tower: Each child has a personal pile of LEGOs, with extras in the middle of the building area. Set a timer (2 minutes +). Whoever has the tallest—still standing—tower, wins.
  • Spoon Race: Each team has a container of LEGOs. One by one, the teams get a spoonful of LEGOs; each member quickly (but carefully!) carries the LEGOs to their team container across the room. They hurry back to pass the spoon on to the next team member. The winning team has the most LEGOs in their container; dropped LEGOs don’t count.
  • Variation: Chopstick Race—Each team member must pick up and carry a LEGO piece using a pair of chopsticks.
  • Marble Maze: Pre-party, use LEGO plates and pieces to make enough mazes for each team. The team whose members all work the maze first, wins.
  • How Many?: Guess how many LEGOs are in the jar.
  • Build a Car: Everyone gets an assortment of basic parts, with extras in the middle. Once all the cars are built have a Car Race. Cars that go farthest/fastest are the winners.
  • Memory Game: Let everyone study a grouping of LEGO pieces. Remove the pieces. Kids must write a list of all they remember.
  • Variation: Memory Game Cards—Using cardstock, print matching sets of Lego character or brick images. Lay the cards face down and let guests try to find a match by turning over two cards. Players keep their correct match cards. If they make a correct match, players have another turn to guess. If they don’t find a match, the cards are returned to the face down position and the next player takes a turn.
  • Treasure Hunt: Before guests arrive, hide LEGOs or paper/foam minifigure shapes (that you’ve made). Provide a small LEGO shaped box or colorful bag for each guest to collect their discoveries. For older children, award points for different colored bricks. If you’re looking for an activity to burn up energy and the weather looks promising, this game can work outside, too.

Lego Birthday Party Game Ideas

  • Design a Minifigure: Fill multiple containers with separated figure parts: heads, hats, legs, etc. Pass each container so kids can choose one of each to build their own minifigure. This can also serve as a take-home favor.
  • Collaboration: Each child receives a wrapped parcel which contains differing amounts of LEGO pieces. The birthday child uses his/her pieces to start the process. Guests take turns unwrapping their parcels and adding their bricks to the group project (the project identity typically changes as pieces are added).
  • Grab Bag: Kids are told to choose whatever amount of LEGOs they want, but they aren’t told what the pieces are for. Once everyone has their personal stash they must each build something, using all of the bricks they took.
  • Sorting: Younger kidlets enjoy sorting their pieces into piles by colors or Matching their LEGOs to red, blue, yellow and green pieces of cardstock.
  • Creation: Each child is given the same set of LEGOs but the only instruction is to build “something”. Allow time for each child to tell about their creation when they’ve finished. Snap photos of each guest with their masterpiece.
  • Target Toss: Using a LEGO piece and a large, empty LEGO Head or other container, each child has 3-5 chances to make the target.
  • Straw Race: Every guest is given a straw and a paper plate. Using only their mouth and straw, kids must pick up mini bricks by sucking on their straw and then transfer them to their plate. Set a timer, and of course the biggest pile points to the winner.
  • LEGO Art: Coloring pages are always popular with the younger set. Cut-outs of minifigures with a selection of “clothing” choices allow kids to make their own characters. Provide wearable Lego Head masks and let kids decorate them.
  • Photo Booth: Include props to transform party guests into LEGO characters. Include a copy of photos when your child sends thank-you notes.
  • Piñata: Whether your piñata is handmade or store bought, attach enough pull strings/ribbons so each child can simultaneously yank and stand underneath the treat/toy shower.

Lego Birthday Party Game Ideas

Your turn: what Lego birthday party game will you play first?


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