Disney’s Frozen Themed Birthday Party Ideas We Love

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Have your kids been smitten with Olaf and everything Frozen? Something as popular as this highest grossing animated film of all time can translate into a terrific birthday party theme! With the animated short sequel (Frozen Fever) that is scheduled for release this spring, it seems safe to assume interest will remain high for all things Frozen. Another great feature of using Frozen as a birthday party theme? You can slant the focus to make it work for boys, girls or a co-ed celebration. Decorations, party ware and favors are readily available but with a little imagination there are many DIY ideas.

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There are so many possibilities for a Frozen themed party. The challenge won’t be coming up with ideas for decorations and games—it will be how to choose from so many potentials! Whether you opt to represent Elsa’s ice palace, the troll king’s domain or even the entire kingdom of Arendelle, you won’t need Elsa’s cryokinetic powers to create a magical celebration that thrills young guests.

Frozen Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

Icy blues, pristine white, and sparkling silver are the predominant colors used to recreate a snowy locale. Fabricate a snowstorm in your house by suspending snowflakes from the ceiling and piling snowbanks on the floor. There are several ways to make snowflakes, including: paper medallions; tissue paper poms; white coffee filter flakes and trees; popsicle stick flakes; glue toothpicks into Styrofoam balls; or thread cotton balls on string. Cotton batting, white balloons, iridescent fringe, white tulle and dry ice can add to the illusion of snow. You can also buy or make an artificial snow product. Dig through Christmas decorations for additions like ready-made icicles and silver and white snowballs. Spray paint found tree branches in white and frost them with glitter.  White sparkle lights will definitely add a dreamy ambiance.

Once you’ve decided on your dessert table focal point décor, turn your attention to menu items. Here again you’ll want to give the illusion of all things blue-white frosty so white chocolate and candies, coconut, and marshmallows will help the transformations. Blue Jello “ice”, punch and rock candy provide contrast shades. Use snowflake shaped cookie cutters for more than cookies. A hot cocoa bar or ice cream sundae bar will thrill kids.  Remember to use a variety of levels with cake plates and platforms to add interest to your food display. The centerpiece birthday cake can star an exuberant Olaf on a mountain of snow, a sprawling Sven, or a round cake “skirt” topped with the sisters. These white chocolate pudding cake cookies with snowflake sprinkles are perfect for your Frozen birthday party dessert table! 

Frozen Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Themed activities will heighten excitement so play games like Styrofoam snowball toss, pin-the-nose on Olaf, and hold faux ice sled races. Feature karaoke singing—who can’t belt out the award winning songs?! Craft mini snow globes, snowflake wands, stamp white t-shirts with blue flakes or make glitter snow dough. Any of these crafts can also do double duty as a party favor, too.

You won’t need the 650 member team it took to create the original Frozen movie to host your own birthday party version. With these ideas for décor, treats and games, you’ll be ready to delight little Elsa, Anna and Kristoff wannabes. Let it go!


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Your turn: what’s your favorite Frozen themed birthday party idea?


  1. These are some really great ideas! I’ve been to quite a few Frozen-themed parties in the past year, and I must say, some of them would’ve really benefited from these ideas! LOL. I hope the snowflake cookies taste as good as it looks.

  2. A lot of great ideas. My girls want a frozen birthday party. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

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