Back to School Tips: 15 School Lunch Ideas

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Getting ready for back to school? If you have been to the store lately you’ve seen that  the supplies and backpacks are out in full force. Can you believe summer is almost over?

We have been busy here pulling together lots of back to school tips for you guys at Crystal & Co. Today we are going to share some lunch ideas.

These lunches are perfect for those who homeschool, for those who send their little ones to Mother’s Day Out and for those who are sending kids off to elementary school.

No more boring lunches!!

Back to School Tips  Lunch Ideas

15 Back to School Lunch Ideas

  1. DIY Pizza Lunchables – Kids love lunchables! It’s very easy to make your own!
  2. Ham and Cheese Muffins – Who says a sandwich needs to be made from bread? Make these yummy muffins which are perfect to freeze!
  3. Muffin Weenies – Or you can try muffin weenies! Just be sure to add a cup of ketchup for dipping!
  4. Turkey and Bean Chili – Get out the Thermos and send some yummy turkey chili!
  5. Sandwich on a Stick – Kids love food on a stick. Why not a sandwich!
  6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi – Make their PB&J a little more fun!
  7. Sushi Surprise – Wrap up raw veggies in bread to make it look like real sushi. They won’t even realize they are eating veggies!
  8. Rainbow Rotini – Kids will love this great and healthy pasta dish. So easy to send in the lunch box!
  9. Taco Rollups – This one is perfect to make using leftovers from a taco dinner.
  10. Mini Corn Dogs – Will soon become a lunch box favorite! Don’t forget the ketchup or mustard!
  11. Lunch Box Pizza Quesadilla – Less messy than a slice of pizza! Perfect for the lunchbox!
  12. Chicken Nuggets – Kids love nuggets. They are easy to make and stick in the lunch box!
  13. Chicken Pita Sandwiches – Perfect to make for lunch using chicken dinner leftovers!
  14. Pasta Salad with Salami and Mozzarella  – A change from the norm, kids will love this pasta salad with lots of meat and cheese!
  15. Pretzel Kabobs – This one is great for kids who don’t like or can’t eat a lot of bread. Roll up some cheese and lunchmeat and skewer it with a pretzel stick.

What will you be packing in your back to school lunches this year?


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  1. Crystal,
    What a great post – I pinned it to my lunch box inspiration board 🙂 I’m so not ready for back-to-school yet, though!
    Stopping by today from Sugar and Spice.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Ang, Juggling Act Mama

    1. Angela- I know, back to school is kinda creeping up. It will be here before we know it.

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